Current status

So, first of all I won’t give much excuses for my absence. I had already mentioned before but this translation blog was practice for me so I would have sporadic releases. The first 30 or so chapters were done in succession since I was quite free during that time.

During this time, I passed N5 and another competitive exam I wanted to give. I also am aiming to give N4 this July. So, I have a bit of free time again.

I am now going through the earlier chapters of this WN (both here and the source) and it seems that the author has revised his story quite a bit. There are sentences popping up here and there, which were not in the original version. I have not gone through all of them, so I cannot say if the changes are major. But there are some additional details which do give few more perspectives to the story.

Since I wanted to edit my translation as well and now that I see there are some new stuff added by the author, I am going to go through all of my chapters and edit them. It will probably take some time. After finishing those changes, I will once again start translating the story. At that time, I would advise to read the earlier chapters again, as to understand the new details and also not to forget what happened.

At the time of my writing, the raw is currently at 68 chapters, including 5 short stories and prologue.

See you guys in future.


Current status and going forward

So, I am kind of feeling sick and might not be updating for the next few days. For those who liked the daily updates, I apologize.

Currently, I am 6 chapters behind the source. The next chapter begins a new arc which has yet to be finished. I skimmed over the next chapters and unless the author changed something, I probably made an error in translation regarding an event mentioned previously. However I cannot confirm it yet with the little info I have (from the 6 chapters only). For the time being, I will wait for the next arc to finish before I start translating again and correct the error if need be.

Also, since I have more or less caught up to the source (6 chapters will probably take me 3-4 days), I am planning to pick up a new novel in future. I had hopes of translating something like fantasy, but my vocabulary is probably not good enough for it yet.

When I do pick the new novel, I will make a new post with its summary.

Until then, I will probably be revising my past chapters to fix grammatical errors. See you guys, later!