Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – Prologue

“I… have liked a person since long ago!”
“I… have liked a person since long ago!”

For many students, the long holidays are a period of happiness; something they look forward to. Among those are the last days of March, approaching the end of spring break.

A pair of guy and girl, on the same day for the sake of consulting about the same topic, came stampeding into my, Shinra Minato’s room.

“…And so?”

“So, I want help from you!”
“So, I would like to receive advice from you!”


Slowly releasing a sigh, I once more turned towards the people sitting opposite to me.
Sitting there, were a handsome guy and a beautiful girl.

The handsome guy had bright, light brown hair and a refreshing face that girls would be fond of. Moreover, he possessed a stature exceeding 180 cm.
As if, he was a prince from a fairy tale.

And there was another person. A girl who had looks, which won’t be an exaggeration to be said as exceedingly beautiful. Black and glossy hair, which extended till her waist.
Well proportioned facial features alongside her snow-like white skin.
The refined and gracious demeanor exuding out of her, which made her seem like an unattainable woman, out of anyone’s reach.

Such two people, Ogiwara Yuuto and Kanzaki Shizuku visited my room at different times, on the same day to consult about the same topic.

No matter who heard those words, would only think that they came to consult about each other. Afterwards, they continued.

“There is no one to rely on about this, except you!”
“There is no one to rely on about this, except Minato-kun!”

The room that was dyed by the light of sunset and the room that was illuminated from the moonlight.
The frank feelings and a sincere request of a friend and a childhood friend are confided in such a room.

I resolved myself and stood up from the chair, to face the two people who were earnestly waiting for my my reply…

“I don’t want to. Don’t consult me with regarding such troublesome things. Settle this among yourselves.”, informed them as such.


Yuuto shrugged his shoulders as if he had expected this outcome beforehand while Shizuku left the room with an obviously depressed expression.

Knowing the personality of those two, I knew that there was no way this matter will end with just this time.

“Seems like it is going to be a troublesome year.”

In the room where I was left alone, I had a premonition that the approaching new school term would be a pretty depressing one.


10 thoughts on “Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – Prologue

  1. Uwah, what an (not) ordinary fellow 😀
    Seems like a nice break for those reincarnation stories.
    Thanks for the chapter! 🍀


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