Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #3 (New School Term)

“…Err…I didn’t expect to get a reply.”

“Ah… Did it appear like that? I just replied normally though?”

“…Though, I feel that you pretty much ignore people when they properly greet you.”

Putting her right elbow on the desk and supporting her cheek with right hand, she gave a dubious smile.

“Why should I reply to such men who expose their ulterior motives behind it?”

A smile with a hidden meaning… However, coupled with the sunlight coming inside the classroom, unconsciously I understood why she was called a beautiful woman.

She had good height for a woman and even above uniform, her good figure could be easily perceived. Black hair which extended slightly beyond shoulders and so lustrous, that even I as a man will think that I can go on without worrying about maintenance.

Certainly she is a beautiful girl, but if I am pushed to say, I wonder if she is more in the category of a beautiful woman. Is it because of the ambience she has around herself? She seems to look more mature than us.

Our lines of sight overlap. While not averting it for a while, I noticed that the previously boisterous class had gone silent.

The reasons for this phenomenon are two. Yuuto and Shizuku, who were at the center of the crowd, were looking towards here. And the “Ice Queen”, Kirasaka who was chatting with me, an ordinary student.

“This is the first time, I have ever seen Kirasaka talking with a guy…”

“Who is that person?”

Since the classroom is so quiet, the intention might have been to talk quietly, but it could be even heard over here.

More importantly, the words “Who is that person?”, gave my heart a little damage.

The girl who asked this, was in the same class as me last year. Moreover, upon learning that me and Yuuto were friends, she forcibly asked me to introduce her to him and now she doesn’t even remember.

Disregarding the damage done to me, one by one, I had to withstand the low voices, which kept piercing my heart with their knife like words. Yuuto, extracted himself from the circle of students and came over here.

“Kirasaka-san, best regards for one year.”

At that moment, surfaced the smile of “Prince”.
The “Prince” level smile, which dyed the nearby female students’ face red with blush.

This early in the new school term, is this guy trying to make the girl, who is among the two most famous in the female population, fall?

Looking at that carefree smile, “This is why handsome guys are so…” I muttered in a volume that couldn’t be heard.

However, the very next words from Kirasaka, froze the atmosphere inside the classroom.

“Who are you?”

The death like silent classroom.
The guys turned speechless and the girls, who felt that their “Prince” was insulted, stood up because of being too angry.

“Oh, you didn’t know about me? Though, I am called Ogiwara Yuuto.”

“I do not know. Moreover, thinking that it is natural that all students knows about yourself, aren’t you excessively self conscious?”

This time, even the girls were not able to say anything. They just watched the spectacle without emitting a single word, with stunned faces.

Yuuto also replied with “That is right, I will take care.” and replied without destroying his usual smile. But I didn’t miss his somewhat twitching lips.

Looks like the usual smile production machine, Yuuto somewhat thought himself to be famous. His special smile seemed disordered now.

I got to see quite an interesting thing.

“Ogiwara Yuuto…has become pitiful…”

Seeing off the pitiful figure of Yuuto who left the spot, she turned towards here again.

“He is very good looking.”

“He is called the “Prince” of school and such. Do you really not know about him?”

“Yes, I really didn’t know. Furthermore, I have no interest in someone like him who is the very picture of handsomeness. It is the very type of people I dislike.”

Amazing.. This girl is amazing.

If a normal school girl says these words, you can only think “What is this girl even saying?”, but when a beautiful girl like her says this, there is some persuasive power.

Why is there a fixed concept of handsome guys paired with beautiful girls? That reminds me, recently I have been hearing about beauty and the beast1 couples on TV. Does this girl incline towards that pattern as well?

“Then what is the type of person, Kirasaka-san is interested in, I want to know. Is it the beast type?”

“Beast?…Ah, The beast like man, I have been hearing about frequently? I hate that type and find them filthy… Hmm… I actually have interest in people who are living their lives in this world, disinterestedly. And you can remove the formalities and call me Ren.”

She is smiling very unlike the person I have heard in the rumours.

“I would like to refuse firmly. I don’t want to spout disgusting lines like a protagonist, ‘Understood, best regards Ren’ here. Taking the middle ground, let me just call you Kirasaka. Huh…What kind of person is living his life disinterestedly in this world. Does such person even exist?”

“Heheh.. Such reaction.. I love it. Yes, there exists.”

Looking at Kirasaka who is having a lot of fun, instead of my heart beating, I can feel my body temperature going down.

Looking at such big difference in the rumours and reality, strangely she seems like a person, full of mysteries. Unintentionally, I put myself on guard.

While I was thinking about such things, Shizuku came here, as if replacing Yuuto.
By the way, since the surrounding people were consoling the pitiful Yuuto, they were not paying much attention towards the situation here.

“Good morning, Kirasaka-san.”

“Oh, is it not Kanzaki-san. Good morning.”

Kirasaka seems to know about Kanzaki and exchanged greetings with her. But, after only saying a word of greeting, they turned silent and just stared at each other, without saying anything.



1. The meaning of the word 野獣 means beast/wild animal. I am not sure how it is being used in this context. Is it just ugly or aggressive, I am not sure.


22 thoughts on “Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #3 (New School Term)

    • I know that and that is why I wrote “beauty and the beast” in the first place. My confusion was what does the beast mean in the context of a modern man. Obviously it is not a real one like in the fairy tale.


  1. Loved it.
    His Prince buddy disinterestedly shot down from his subconscious pedestal. Then his uberpopular childhood friend comes over to check out her new competition, not used to having competition.
    I have so seen these happen irl.
    Thanks for the chapter


  2. I think this is beginning to look more and more like Minato-kun and his Extraordinary Harem. Ogiwara, Kanzaki and Kirasaka all seem to be very fascinated with Minato while not being particularly interested in each other.


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