Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #4 (New School Term)

This was the first time I have felt silence to be so uncomfortable.

Usually, Shizuku who talks with people without breaking her smile, is now expressionless as if it had fallen out of her face and on the contrary, Kirasaka is smiling as if enjoying the situation.

Somehow or the other, I and Shizuku had been acquaintances for a long time, but I feel very scared of this face, I have never seen before.
I have heard that people who normally don’t get angry, look very scary when they finally do. Is it a pattern like that…?


It was Shizuku, who broke the silence.

“You look to be having so much fun. This is the first time, I have ever seen you talking to a man.”

“Unexpectedly I am actually very talkative, you know? Furthermore, he is very amusing to talk to.”

“…Am I making such a funny face?”


It was pretty upsetting.
Certainly, I am not a handsome guy.
Rather, I am aware that I am plain but I never had any intention of having an amusing face.
The two continued their conversation as if ignoring my words.

“Today, I only came for greetings… I look forward to working with you for this year.”

“Yes… only “greetings”. Best regards from my side as well.”


The two shook their hands and ended the situation with that… So I thought but contrary to expectations, the white hands of the two girls were red, congested with blood till their fingers.

I wonder how strong they had been gripping. The redness kept increasing rapidly.
It felt like I could hear the creaking sounds, but the girls’ expressions gave nothing away. They kept putting strength into their grips.
I was anxious about where, to try defusing the situation.

Nevertheless, Shizuku is somewhat strange, today.
Certainly, Yuuto was belittled in the presence of classmates, but I never thought she would display her emotions to this extent.
Rather, I felt that her emotions had been reduced to zero.

From now on, let’s stop talking badly about Yuuto in front of Shizuku.
If you are not tactful, there is a chance of getting attacked from behind.


With good timing, the homeroom teacher entered the class and the “greeting” between the girls came to an end.

After finishing simple businesslike communication, the homeroom teacher started leading the students towards the corridor.
According to our teacher’s guidance, we moved towards the gymnasium and the opening ceremony began.


Approximately an hour later.
After thankfully listening to the long speech from our principal, we returned back to our classroom and did light self-introductions. After finishing the introductions, it was the end of the school day.
As expected, at the time of Yuuto and Shizuku’s introduction, there were lots of cheering and applause. At the time of Kirasaka’s introduction, there were people who had been angry after observing the previous situation, however particularly the men applauded vigorously.

Incidentally, during my introduction, the ovation was very small. Near the end, most people had stopped clapping. I felt it was more of a reluctant applause, looking at the figures of Yuuto and Shizuku, clapping.

I remembered the faces of the students who were giggling while looking over here…. Bear in mind, I will eventually return back every unpleasant thing.

I gathered my baggage, stood up from my seat, exchanged light farewell greetings with my neighbour, Kirasaka and left the classroom.

Are Yuuto and Shizuku still talking with their classmates and will end up hanging out with them?
Naturally I would not be invited and even if I am, I won’t go. Trying to reach my home even a little sooner, I started progressing towards my home’s direction.


“…That class… is the worst.”

The residential area during noon, where no one is around.
Is it because there is no one to hear? Unintentionally, my real opinions came out of my mouth.

When I think about the school days ahead, my walking pace falls down naturally. It was one of the many days to come, where against my better judgement, I felt it would be better if tomorrow didn’t arrive.


21 thoughts on “Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #4 (New School Term)

    • I wonder how being realistic equates to being dense, nothing has happened yet, it’s like concluding a girl likes you because she smiles at you, I’d rather be dense than that pathetic .

      Liked by 8 people

      • you didn’t know even that’s quite obvious? quite dense you’re 🙂 no offense. But if my sixth sense, right, that’s Childhood friend has a something for him XD

        Just recall template being used in JP novel, maybe isn’t a sixth sense if like this


      • I don’t know whether the childhood friend is attracted to MC (as was said, likely for LN template) but doesn’t matter. The situation was “there is a good looking girl talking to MY chilhood friend, doesn’t she know he is MINE”
        Possessive jealousy does not require sexual components. Seen some ugly jealousy over ‘they are MY friend’ where everyone involved was same gender.

        Thanks for the chapter

        Liked by 2 people

    • In the Shinra’s defence, for the past few chapters Shizuku hasn’t really given any clear indication of being romantically interested. Combined with the high school social hierarchy, it’s normal to think that way.

      We know who likes the MC because we are aware it’s a Japanese school rom-com from the beginning, the MC doesn’t.

      Liked by 4 people

    • The MC is really pessimistic, meaning he thought that his childhood is probably doing all those things as a friend would. He probably assumed that she had a grudge against Ren and not that she was being possessive over him. It’s not dense, he just has no interest and berates himself too much to notice.


  1. Thanks for the chapter — this looks very amusing so far. I don’t know whether the MC is really that dense, or genuinely expects no romance based on past experience. I’m not even sure he wants romance to complicate his life. But he certainly feels a sense of danger in his desk neighbor’s unexpected interest, so he has some fairly well-developed instincts. Right now, I think he feels he might be the butt of a private joke, though…


  2. You know I am really curios on who are the crush of the two popular butterflies, and how MC will guet in the middle of that mess.


  3. In short, MC:
    Is moderately self-depreciative.
    Stubborn in his beliefs (doesn’t believe otherwise that his two friends aren’t mutually in love).
    Is likely to go “riajuus can explode”.


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