Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #5 (Academic Test)

It has been a week since the new semester began.
Even the inside of the noisy school building, was regaining back its tranquility. In midst of it becoming peaceful, our second year class 3 only, was still as unrestrained as ever.

“Good morning, everyone!”

Today as well, the refreshing handsome Yuuto made his appearance, causing the classroom to be disordered and exchanged greetings with classmates.

Already most of the students had started gathering around Yuuto for the sake of getting brainwashed by him.

“…This scene is disgusting, no matter how many times I look at it.”

Sitting next to me, Kirasaka glanced at the swarm of students and dropped down her gaze towards the book in her hand.

“The classroom where this scene happens twice in a single day, can’t even be just called abnormal.”

With both hands hanging outside the window, I replied without even looking at the spectacle behind me.
I can easily imagine the scene happening behind without looking, since it has already been a week.

“Certainly”, Kirasaka replied in a low voice. Once again, the interior of classroom became noisy.

“Appearance of the princess”

“With this, bride and groom have gathered…”

I could hear the “Good Morning” greeting of Shizuku from behind.
Because of the classroom that became noisier with the appearance of both, I and Kirasaka closed our ears quickly with our hands.

I wonder what fun is there in making this much noise, everyday.
There is not even a reason for its day by day evolution.


The people with the lowest tension noticeably in this class, I and Kirasaka sighed at the same time naturally.
Undoubtedly, she must also be fed up of this class.


Many students from other classes, gather inside Class 3 as well. Till the ring of first bell, the crowded classroom is enveloped by noise.


“As there will be an academic test next week, be sure to review for it.”

After the end of first lesson, the message was transmitted by the homeroom teacher.
Sakuranogaoka where we go to, has one year divided into three terms. Regular tests are held in each term.

One test is held in the middle of the term and another one at the end of it.

However just for the first term, there is one which also includes the review of the material from previous year.
That academic test is approaching next week.

By the way, today is Friday.
The opening ceremony was held last Friday.


It is a test not directly related to grades but since this is a university-preparatory school, if the results are too bad, parents will be called for a parent-teacher meeting. So, we have to work hard for each test seriously.

“Test… Surely next week’s test contains modern Japanese, Mathematics and English…”

I took out the textbooks inside my desk and stored only the test related ones inside my bag.

“On that subject, is Shinra-kun able to study well?”

Identically putting the test subject books in her bag, Kirasaka, who was next to me, called out.

She had the first rank in last year’s results.
Even Yuuto and Shizuku, who are not only excellent in appearance but also in academics, have not been able to exceed her in grades.

Perhaps Kirasaka is the true last boss of this school?
While thinking so, I felt her to be even more terrifying than before.

“I am neither good or bad at it.”

“In short, ordinary, huh… Sounds similar to you. A satisfactory answer of my liking.”

Like the first time, supporting her cheeks with right hand, she looked cheerfully towards here.

“This is just a proposal but…”

A sheet of paper in her hand… She picked up the paper which had the schedule for the test held next week, written on it and pointed to the Saturday and Sunday columns on it.

“During the holidays starting from tomorrow, will you study for the test with me?”

“I refuse.”

“…I thought you will answer like that but couldn’t you have thought about this a little bit more?”

Despite being refused, Kirasaka showed an even bigger smile.
I have understood this recently but when she is making this face, she is just having fun looking at one’s reactions.


I collected my gatherings deftly and left the classroom at a quick pace.
If it was the usual Kirasaka, she would see me off with an amusing smile, but this time, she stood up and started walking next to me.

“Why are you following me…?”

“Ah, That is because I am also going back home right now?”

Like this, we advanced through the corridor and started descending the stairs. During this time, two people were walking side by side, without speaking particularly.

Several students who passed by, were surprised to see Kirasaka walking alongside a guy, but after realizing it was me, they went back to their conversations, losing interest.

Sorry, it was with someone like me…

Changing the shoes at the entrance, we went outside the school. Due to the upcoming test, club activities were suspended and outside was quiet.

If it was the usual, the members of track and field club, would gather outside the main gate to run around the outer circumference. Enthusiastic yelling of sports club would be heard from the opposite side of the school yard. However as one would expect, before test there won’t even be any self practicing students.

“It would have been so easy to spend time, if it was always this quiet.”

She looked around while speaking.
Her gaze, travelling clockwise, suddenly stopped as she turned backwards.


10 thoughts on “Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #5 (Academic Test)

    • “Several students who passed by, were surprised to see Kirasaka walking alongside a guy, but after realizing it was me, they went back to their conversations, losing interest.”
      Body blow to social ego


  1. What I don’t understand is how the MC is supposed to have been long-term friends with the two other ‘exceptional’ characters for years but doesn’t seem to talk to them much at all, and only directs negative thoughts their way. It also mentions that they wouldn’t even be invited (even if they wouldn’t go) to anything that they’re doing. In what way are they friends whatsoever? They seem more like acquaintances at best.

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