Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #6 (Academic Test)

“Wait Minato! I also want to return together.”

Looking beyond her line of sight, I could see Yuuto running over here from the entrance.
Behind him, I could also see the figure of Shizuku.


A complete reversal from before, Kirasaka’s facial expression grew detached.
She changed her position to be behind me, where she could be hidden from the two. Folding her hands, she waited for them to arrive with a bored looking face.

“You are too quick in returning home. I was especially thinking of getting us three together and discussing about the plans from tomorrow.”

The two of them arrived in front of us and without showing any indication of noticing Kirasaka hiding, started talking.

“Plans? I don’t think we had made any prior arrangements.”

Yuuto took out the problem set distributed at the end of lesson today, which covered the material of the test.

“Doesn’t the test start from next week? So, I was thinking of using the weekend to study for it, with the three of us including Kanzaki-san. Of course, you are coming too, right? That is why, if Minato’s house is alright…”

“…There is no way this will happen, right.”



What is that expression asking “Is this a joke”?
It is truly not a joke.
First of all, deciding the plan by one’s own convenience without letting me know. In addition, do you think I will allow studying in my room?

“Is that all? Then I will go home…… Why are you grabbing my uniform….”

I waved my hands and while I was in the process of trying to walk back home, this time Shizuku grabbed the edge of my uniform and didn’t let go.

“I..Isn’t it alright, doing a study group! Minato-kun gets poor scores every time and I think if we teach you, then you will definitely get good results!”

“Do not say people’s scores are bad without hesitation… From my point of view, you guys, who get marks close to perfect each time are the abnormal ones…”

While smacking the hand of Shizuku which is grasping my uniform, “Furthermore…”, I said looking at the face of the two several times.

“If you want to study, then you should do it by yourselves…Your academic abilities are similar, I think you two would be good study partners.”

The other day, I declined to help them with their problem, but even saying myself, I think this is a pretty perfect follow up.
It is definitely not me trying to find an excuse to not participate, but just trying to create time for just the two of them.

Did you guess the meaning behind my words? Yuuto didn’t say anything further.
Shizuku still seems dissatisfied with something since she has not let go of my uniform. Suddenly, the atmosphere changed with the words that appeared from behind me.

“I have already reserved Shinra-kun, so he won’t be able to study with you guys. Sorry.”

The owner of the voice is Kirasaka.
The tone of the voice sounds lightly provocative, unlike when she converses with me.
The moment, Shizuku heard the voice, it seemed that her emotions flew away from her face.

Similar to one week ago, completely expressionless.

Kirasaka, who should have been standing behind disinterestedly, was already standing beside me, facing Shizuku.
Even the usual enigmatic smile of Kirasaka had vanished and a displeased expression had taken its place.

“So, can you let that hand go, Kanzaki-san?”

“…You, once again…”

Shizuku let go of her hands off my uniform and gazed at Kirasaka’s face.
In response, even Kirasaka didn’t avert her eyes from Shizuku and stared back.

I and Yuuto maintained a little bit of distance from these two.
Not because it is scary. Definitely not… Absolutely…


The two people are not talking as if they are only communicating with their gazes.

However, contrary to the two silent people, people around them had started gathering, creating a commotion.

As soon as the lesson was over, I and Kirasaka came out of the school building.
Meanwhile, Yuuto and Shizuku were also chasing from behind; at that time most of the students were still inside the classroom.

However, while we were talking for a bit, the students who were supposed to be in the classroom, also started coming out, one by one from the school building, for the purpose of going back home.

Generally, since there would be many people talking in front of the main gate, most of them would pass without paying much attention.

However, that happens when the conversing students are ordinary people.
Right now, three of the people talking in front of the school are so famous that even people who don’t know much about school, would know about them.

If such guys assembled in one place, it would naturally attract lots of attention.

“This is the first time, I have seen Kanzaki-san and Kirasaka-san talking with each other.”

“But why does the mood feel so bad?”

“Ogiwara-kun is also here. Perhaps…”

Students approaching nearby, started speculating one after another.
They are quarreling, they are simply chatting, they are trying to compete against each other, for the handsome guy, etc.



After noticing that there was a crowd forming around them, they left exchanging few words. After getting out of the main gate, Kirasaka went towards the right direction and Shizuku started walking towards us, to the left.

I was not able to make out what the girls said to each other due to the noise from the surroundings. If it was solved amicably, then I guess there is nothing to worry about…

As a proof of that, Shizuku who halted in front of us, had her usual smile on face already.

“Thank you for waiting. How about leaving the matter about studying for the time being and return home?”

I started walking behind Shizuku, who behaved as if nothing had happened.



Without being aware that the girls really didn’t end things amicably,

“Recently… You have been quite a nuisance.”

“It has been you, who has been a hindrance to me since the beginning.”


22 thoughts on “Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #6 (Academic Test)

  1. Thanks for the chapter, the situation is quite confussing, so the childhood friend likes the Mc??? And the Ikemen likes the other beuty??? The Ice queen alson likes the MC???? And the one in the center of all this doesn’t notice it, and believes thet Ikemen and Childhood friend like each other??? is this whats going on???


  2. Wait… he smacked her head… what… like a proper smack or what was that meant to mean. Forget the MC being dense or whatever the shit, he’s a fucking ass hole tbh. (Not just cus of the smack but generally) kirasaka is a creep and Yuuto is kinda weird tbh. Only sane person seems to be kanzaki


  3. “but after realizing it was me, they went back to their conversations, losing interest”
    MC is accustomed to being part of the background of his beautiful friends. He resents it but takes it as being natural. Hence, his automatic assumptions that any interest is directed towards one of them.
    Even when the girls are competing for MC attention, the surroundings gossip that it’s over the ‘prince’
    Thanks for the chapter


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