Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #7 (Academic Test)

Next day.
Thick clouds were spreading across the sky. While feeling a bit chilly, I was still curled up inside my futon, like a snail.
The short hand of the clock at my bedside, had already struck nine.

Today is Saturday, beginning of the weekend.
For the academic test starting next week, I had planned to work hard at home today, but when I think about studying, my body doesn’t move easily.

When I try to begin studying, the room which I would usually not mind being dirty, I start cleaning for some reason. When I pick up the textbook to read, I cannot seem to concentrate at all… I wonder if most of the students understand this feeling.

Fortunately, the room is cleaned at a regular basis. Furthermore, it is my personality trait that I never leave a book unfinished after picking it up to read. In my case, the problem is getting up from the futon.

“…I do not want to move.”

Even I say so myself, my resolve is pretty weak.

Yesterday after that incident, during the way back home with the three of us, I kept refusing their invitations repeatedly. Even though I said, I would study at home, now that the holidays have started, I cannot muster up the motivation to do it.
Before I went to sleep last night, I was full of motivation, preparing materials for studying today, however…

“Should I go to the library…?”

Most likely if I pass the time like this, by the time I notice, it would already be evening… I cannot let that happen.
I forcibly raised my body which was still not awake, changed into my outdoor clothes and left the room.

Proceeding through the short passage, entering the living room, I was greeted by my sister, who is only one year younger than me….

“Good morning, Shinra-kun. While it is true that it is a holiday, sleeping too much is bad for your health.”

….I was welcomed by a girl, who is not my sister.

“What is Kirasaka doing in my house?”

“I am visiting.”

Sitting on the sofa in my living room, Kirasaka was drinking the coffee brought by my sister, with an innocent expression.
Sitting next to her, was my sister Shinra Kaede who was sitting as if being embraced.

“Therefore, why are you in my house?”

“Didn’t I tell you during the way back yesterday that I am planning to study with you tomorrow. So, I thought about studying in Shinra-kun’s house… You have a very cute little sister.”

“B..Brother! W..Who is this person? She came by an amazing car! After that she gave a wooden box, filled with meat! Uhh.. afterwards…..”

“….Calm down, my sister.”

Were you pleased? Ignoring Kirasaka, who is gently brushing Kaede, I went inside the kitchen to verify the so called wooden box, filled with meat.
Certainly, there is a wooden box inside the kitchen.
Furthermore, for some reason, there were plenty of high grade meat stuffed inside it.

“Is this filled with the A5 grade1…?”

“Please eat this with everyone, in the evening.”

Before I knew it, Kirasaka appeared behind me, picked up the wooden box and put it inside the refrigerator.

“Or if you want to eat this at lunch… Should I make yakiniku, using that meat?”


Where did she get this from? She held a charcoal brazier in her hand.
I confiscated it from her and first of all, asked her the thing that I wanted to hear, absolutely.

“More importantly, why are you in my house? Leaving the stuff about studying for now, why do you know the location of my house?”

“I enquired about it from the school. I was told the location, when I said that I had borrowed the test prep materials from you and wanted to deliver it to your house.”

I was slightly surprised by her daring lie but was even more surprised at the school, which believed it and told her the address of my house.
More than surprised, I guess it is better to call, being shocked.

In these times, if it is exposed that there was a disclosure of personal information, it will be such a huge problem, but talking about this kind of security…

While being amazed at the response of the school, I was racking my brains regarding how to interact with her after this. My sister who was out of the loop, finally lost her patience and grabbed me.

“More than that, brother! Who is this person? I didn’t hear about any girl coming today!”

“Ha… This person is Kirasaka Ren-san. She is in the same class as me and looks like, she came to our house today for the purpose of studying.”

“Please treat me kindly, Kaede-san.”

While being grabbed at the neck, being shaking and swinging, I briefly introduced Kirasaka to Kaede.
Kirasaka stared at Kaede and put her hand forward.

“….Please to meet you.”

While embracing my arm, Kaede slowly and cautiously, shook hands with Kirasaka.



After finishing the introductions, we sat on chairs and started discussing plans for the future.

“Yes, brother.”

“Sorry and thank you.”

Kaede went to brew coffee for the three of us. While affirming the seats, I finally broached the subject.

“Now then, it is only for today but once Kirasaka is sent back home, then…”

“Where is Shinra-kun’s room? After taking a rest, let us start on the review immediately.”

“No.. That is why, once Kirasaka returns home…”

“That reminds me, I forgot to bring the mathematics problem set. Can you show it to me, later?”

“I beg you, please listen to me…”

Every time I start urging her to return home, she keeps interrupting. While trying to make her listen properly, ten minutes had already passed.


1. http://wagyu.gourmet55.com/en/whats-wagyu


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  1. Pffft… She’s having way too much fun teasing the MC. XD I don’t really get the feeling that she likes him romantically, it’s more like she’s found an interesting new toy. Being amused by his unusual reactions and discomfort at her attention. Naturally, I expect it’ll change eventually…

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