Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #9 (Academic Test)

“Good morning, Kaede-chan. I am sorry for coming by, suddenly.”

“Not at all! It’s been a long time.”

When Shizuku came to visit my room during the spring break, Kaede was out shopping for dinner, so she couldn’t meet with her.
The last time the two of them met was on new year’s eve when it had turned, January 1st.
Due to one thing or another, they were not able to meet for nearly five months.

Even being childhood friends, due to different grade and school, it is not rare… for people to get estranged.
In case of Kaede, since her brother was in the same grade and high school as Shizuku, she was still on good terms with her.

I stifled the noise inside the room and peeped at the situation of the two people in Shinra house, who haven’t had a conversation for a long while.

“Which reminds me, for what purpose did Shizuku-san came to our house, today?”

To Kaede’s question, Shizuku replied as such.

“I am thinking about studying with Minato-kun for the test starting from Monday.”

This has become troublesome.
Shizuku and Kirasaka… At a glance, it can be seen that these two don’t have a good relationship. When such two people come across each other in the same room, it will create a space even less comfortable than school.

Kirasaka, who should have been hearing the conversation outside, showed no signs of agitation and opened the problem work-set at hand, while twirling her hair by her fingers.

“Is Shizuku-san here for that too?”

Shizuku stepped inside the house and under the lead of Kaede, went towards the living room.
While they were passing in front of my room, Shizuku’s footsteps suddenly became heavy due to the words spoken by Kaede.

“I too?…… Kaede-chan, when you say I “too”, you mean to say there is someone else here?”

“That’s right! Please listen! My brother didn’t say anything to me and brought a girl to his room, to study!”

Listening to Kaede’s words, Shizuku’s footsteps completely halted. Whereas, in one go, my heart beat started rising.


Knock knock.

A small room’s door is being knocked.
I felt like a criminal, who is waiting for his judgement.

I didn’t reply and waited for her words to come.


“Minato-kun, is it alright to come inside and talk for a bit?”

“It is not alright.”

“Well then, excuse me for coming inside.”

Despite having said, it was not alright, she heartlessly opened the door of the room with her hands.
Inside the room, Shizuku came across the figures of Kirasaka and I, sitting on either side of the table.

“Good morning, Kanzaki-san.”

Even in this situation, Kirasaka unabashedly greeted Shizuku, with an innocent expression.
Although there was a displeased expression on her face yesterday, today’s Kirasaka had some composure in her face, to greet Shizuku.


“….Is that so… As expected, it is you.”

Contrary to my expectation, I could see today’s Shizuku being calmer than before.
She entered the room and sat beside me. After sighing a little, she took the glass where I had poured green tea to drink and gulped it in one go.

“Since it is about you, I was wondering if this situation will turn out to be like this or not.”

While placing the already empty glass on the table, she smiled as she told this to Kirasaka.

In order to drink it myself this time, I poured green tea in the glass put down by Shizuku. I picked the glass and tried to drink from the opposite side of where Shizuku had placed her mouth…

“Ah… I never expected that you will come to this house.”

Kirasaka sitting on the opposite side, snatched my glass with her pure white hands and drank from it, without a pause.
By the way, there is an identical glass of beverage prepared properly, in front of her.


Because it can’t be helped, I picked up the green tea in front of Kirasaka, which had not been used yet.

“I will be the one who is teaching, so Kirasaka-san please, by all means feel free to return home.”

With a bang, Shizuku struck the table and blocked my left hand under her’s.

Since my left hand was obstructed, I took out my open right hand.

“Surely Kanzaki-san should return? Because I arrived here earlier.”

With a smack, Kirasaka struck my right hand and the grasped hand was obstructed.


“…I will go and fetch some drinks.”

Leaving the two of them quarreling inside, I went towards the living room.

“Oh? Brother, what happened?”

In the living room, Kaede was folding the laundry. At the time of passing behind Kaede, a sheet of laundry unfolded, as if venting out its anger.
“Really…”, Kaede’s lovely cheek expanded, but she immediately smiled and folded the laundry again.

“I am here to get some drinks. Since my portion was drunk by the other two.”

“Wait for a while, I will prepare coffee for you, now.”

After Kaede finished folding the laundry, she went to boil water in the kitchen.
Will it take time for the discussion between the two people left behind, to finish?

Until the coffee was made, I sat in the chair left in front of TV. I started watching the broadcasted anime, aimed at kids, without much thought.

“It is ready…”


I took the mug brought by Kaede and little by little, started sipping the coffee.
Kaede is very particular about coffee. Maybe she had obsessed over this one as well while brewing. I am sorry, but I cannot understand the difference at all.
I tried suppressing my desire to put sugar and milk into this and decided that I will think about it after this one.

“That’s right. Should I call him…”

I opened the address book in my smartphone and selected the name “Smile Manufacturing Machine”. I tapped to call it and started talking with the person registered to that name.

“It is me, however…”


13 thoughts on “Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #9 (Academic Test)

  1. Can’t really respect these ladies, if they want him, they should be more clearer towards him, with a bam. Not a roundabout, shuraba between girls, you’re just troubling the guy

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    • Well, doesn’t mean to be racist, but that’s how common Asian girl head works. They keep appealing without clear intent that can be seen, and this has caused a lot of Asian boys to get confused between “appealing because of love” and “normal kindness”.

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