Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – Side Story #1 (Kaede’s Holiday)

A/N: It is a short story about Kaede.
It doesn’t have much relation with the original story but I will be very happy, if you read it.

T/N: From this chapter onward, I am going to change my translation style a bit. I am going to write Nii-san (and other honorifics) instead of stuff like brother, where I see fit (so not always). As for sfx/onomatopoeia, I am going to keep fewer in their original Japanese form, compared to honorifics.
If it feels odd anywhere, please feel free to give your opinion.


I am Shinra Kaede who has a brother, Shinra Minato. Even though we are siblings, it is said that we don’t resemble each other very much.

Before Nii-san entered high school, there were many opportunities to hang out with Kanzaki Shizuku-san, who lives across the street. Many times, we were also mistaken as sisters.

Since the chances of meeting Shizuku-san, have diminished recently, there were fewer times, when we were being misunderstood as sisters. Even so, there are still many people who doubt Nii-san and I being siblings, after watching us.


Certainly, there are also times when I think that Nii-san and I, are not alike.
When I see my friends’ younger or older brothers, even if they are different in gender, somewhere I can see the resemblance between them.
Appearances, way of talking, gestures, voices; there are various places where they take after each other.


Nevertheless, we are really not similar… I thought so, while looking at the sleeping face of Nii-san, on the bed inside his room.


Today, Nii-san is late in waking up.

There are days, when he gets up even earlier than me. There are also days when he wakes up at the same time as me and days, when he sleeps till I wake him up. I have been living with him for many years but I don’t know yet, if he is good or bad at waking up in mornings.

Seems like today is one of those days where he won’t be waking up. Even though I had prepared breakfast already, he did not get up.

Looking at the messy, drooling face of the sleeping Nii-san, I took one picture of him via the camera feature of my smartphone.

This is a privilege only reserved for me as the sister.

Saving the picture in a folder called “Nii-san’s sleeping face”, I called out.

“Nii-san, the breakfast has been prepared.”

Shortly after that, Nii-san started opening his eyes slowly and confirmed my face. He blinked a few times and upon realizing I came to wake him up in the morning, he straightened up.

“Come on Nii-san, please go and wash your face.”


I took both hands of Nii-san and made him stand up. While pushing his back, I led him towards the bathroom.

I poured the coffee while Nii-san was brushing his teeth and washing his face. With this, the preparation for breakfast had truly finished.

“Let’s do with bread today.”


After returning from the bathroom, Nii-san sat besides me. While joining his hands, “Itadakimasu” and he started eating. After confirming it, I also started eating the meal in front of me.

There are many times at home, when Nii-san just replies with “Hm…”.
During the time of requests, or while affirming and such, he responds in this manner.

Even though there is only bread for breakfast, he doesn’t seem against it.

I wonder if the squirming Nii-san is thirsty, eating this baked bread. He sipped a small bit of the brewed coffee.


My brother who was not good with black coffee, still drank it with a frown, saying ‘bitter’.
I like coffee and always drink it black but I know when Nii-san prepares it himself, he adds plenty of sugar and milk.

But, I am very happy that he drinks it as it is, when I make it.

At this rate, my brother will also come to like coffee someday. I think it will be nice, if we are able to go together to a famous cafe, in future.

After breakfast, usually I would start getting dressed for school, but right now it is the Golden Week, the long holiday which happens only once a year.
Of course, since school is closed, we are relaxing leisurely at home.

“Is Nii-san going out somewhere?”

I asked Nii-san, while we were watching TV, sitting together on the sofa.

“I will definitely not go out of the house.”

I smiled unexpectedly at hearing Nii-san’s immediate response.


“Since it is a long holiday, I am thinking of cleaning the house!”

After catching my breath, I conveyed such to Nii-san. I wonder if he was thinking of silently rising and returning to his room.
Before he could escape, I embraced him from behind so he couldn’t enter the room.

“Umm.. I had some plans to go out later, which I forgot about.”

“No, there is no way, Nii-san had such plans! In addition, didn’t you say earlier that you don’t want to go outside the house!”

Against the futilely resisting Nii-san, I used the magic words, which I also called as my “killer technique”.


“Help me…. Onii-chan.”

“OK, I will help. What should I help you with?”


While I was cleaning the living room and kitchen, Nii-san was in charge of the washroom, bathtub and the toilet.
Nii-san was cleaning more thoroughly than usual, with a rare, motivated expression.

The bathtub and toilet were glittering after Nii-san finished cleaning them. Afterwards, he went in front of washing machine, present inside the dressing room and locked his gaze at the laundry basket.

“My sister grew up while I was unaware.”

“You don’t have to look at it!”

I struck the head of Nii-san, who was confirming my growth with my underwear and put the contents of the basket into the washing machine.


Midway, we took a break for lunch. Afterwards, the first floor, second floor and even our own rooms; we were able to finish cleaning everywhere by 3 PM.

“Would you like to go out and have dinner somewhere?”

Since the contents within the refrigerator were scarce, I wondered if eating out today was alright and proposed as such to Nii-san.

“Let’s go shopping and then eat at home.”

Shaking his head, Nii-san rejected my proposal.
Since I had to do shopping anyway, I was fine with it. I changed from my home wear and left home with Nii-san, who was already waiting at the entrance.

“What would you like to eat today?”

Like something which had not changed since past, we went shopping while holding hands.
Thinking a little about my question, Nii-san,


replied as such.

“Medium-spicy chicken curry with few carrots!”

I was perfectly familiar with the preference of Nii-san. As I correctly guessed the type of curry he wanted to eat, he nodded satisfactorily.

“Well then, let’s have curry today.”



I thought while walking side by side.
It doesn’t matter if siblings don’t resemble each other.

This person is my brother and I am this person’s sister.
Therefore, it doesn’t change that I love Nii-san.


I released my connected hand from Nii-san and embraced his left arm. I decided in my heart that only this, I won’t hand over to anyone.


“….As expected, you grew up after all?”

“Don’t say such things outside!”


16 thoughts on “Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – Side Story #1 (Kaede’s Holiday)

  1. She is so ultra dang cute! Imouto for the win.
    “….As expected, you grew up after all?”

    “Don’t say such things outside!”
    So it’s fine to say stuff like that inside?


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