Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – Side Story #3 (Minato’s Holiday)

It is not the long term vacation decided by the school like summer vacation or spring break but the long holiday decided by the country itself, Golden Week.

This year, there were no working days between the holidays; the entire week was off.
I was planning to stay in the house, relaxing for the whole duration.

If I have to go out with someone, then it’s only with Kaede. Other than that, I am definitely not going out of the house.
…Although I had decided it in my heart, on the very first day, we had a major cleaning in the house. On the third day, Kirasaka wearing a pure white dress, came to the house.

Fortunately, the one living across the street, Shizuku, returns to her parents’ home in Mie1 every year, so we never encounter each other, during this period. But it was a different holiday than I had planned.

However, more than anything else, the unforeseeable thing was…

“So after school has begun, I would like to invite someone on a date, looking at the timing. I wonder if there is a good method?”

“……Why are you coming to my house everyday?”

The ‘Prince’ of school, the smile manufacturing machine, Ogiwara Yuuto came to my house almost daily. He came to consult regarding the manner of inviting the girl on his mind, for a date.
Even today when I was relaxing a bit after breakfast, I heard the buzzer of the doorbell ringing. When I looked outside, as expected, it was Yuuto.


“It is only Minato, whom I can consult about this. Didn’t I say this during the spring break too!”

“…No, didn’t I refuse?”

“…Well, my strategy is, during the event at the end of the holiday……”

“Listen to me, at least.”

While being amazed at Yuuto, who changed conversation whenever it was inconvenient for him, I believed that the consultation today, would be a long one.

Why do I have to spend my precious holiday with this handsome guy…

Leaving Yuuto temporarily in the room, I went to the living room, to have a drink.

“Nii-san, is it about Yuuto-san’s consultation today as well?”

“……School boys who fall in love, are pretty busy.”

“Is that so… It is still too early for Nii-san to fall in love.”

My sister had become an adult. completely.


After returning to room, Yuuto’s love consultation started again.

Ignoring half of the dialogue and replying suitably here and there, miraculously a conversation could be formed.
After repeating such exchange for an hour…


“That’s right. As expected, this is the best method to invite, for the next Sunday.”


“Thank you Minato! With this, I have no hesitation left for inviting!”

“N..No.. Don’t worry about it.. Yes… next week, it is.”


I felt I did something pretty outrageous.
I could not say “I did not hear”, to the unusually refreshed looking Yuuto. So, I decided to keep continuing the conversation without change.


He did say something about inviting on a date for next Sunday. I have to be careful, to not get involved in that event.


That reminds me, I felt there was supposed to be something important happening next week in school, but I was not able to recall that “something” now.

“Well then, tomorrow I will be coming to discuss about the plans after invitation!”

“….Do not come ever again.”


1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mie_Prefecture


6 thoughts on “Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – Side Story #3 (Minato’s Holiday)

  1. It’s hilarious how the 3 school idols (I’ll arbitrarily place the male smile manufacturing machine into this normally female category) all revolve around the normal spec MC. While the outside (& he himself) all overlook him as an unimportant side character.
    As far as actions, the plot also has him in a supporting actor role who never instigated any actions. Even if he is the target of most of the idols’ schemes.
    Thanks for the chapter

    Liked by 1 person

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