Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #17 (Reason)

In the end, for this time’s ball game tournament, among the games Class 3 participated in, the girls won the basketball event and the guys won the soccer one.

It seems, the students participating in the individual events, were not able to get much good results.

Soon after the soccer finals, the award ceremony for every event began inside the schoolyard. Shizuku as the representative of the girls’ basketball team and Yuuto, from the guys’ soccer team, each received their respective certificates and prizes from the principal.

I was looking at those two people’s figures from the end of the line. While Yuuto’s popularity was obvious from the rooftop, I could also reconfirm that even Shizuku had lots of fans.

“What is the prize for the victory?”

Which reminds me that Kirasaka, whom I had earlier given my phone to, was currently touching both her and my phones together. Typing something furiously on it, Kirasaka asked as such, without much interest.

“Last year, it was a free-for-one-week meal ticket for the school cafeteria. I wonder what it is for this year.”

“Because I have bento for lunches, it would be better if it was something different.”

Did she finish typing… Receiving my smartphone from her, I kept it in my pocket, without a pause.
Kirasaka also kept her smartphone in the pocket. But before putting it inside, she grinned,looking at something on the screen. Though, there was no way to confirm, what she saw.

Certainly, I could remember her eating bento in the next seat, always.
The box itself was normal but the contents were astonishingly luxurious.

“With this, today’s ball tournament ends. Everyone, please don’t forget to take care of your bodies, while returning.”

In the end, the contents of the prize were not announced during the award ceremony. Seems like it would only be heard by the two, inside the class.
With the last greeting from the student council president, the crowd of students disbanded from the schoolyard.

I also went with the flow and returned back to the classroom.
In this school, since there were separate locker rooms established for the female students, they went in the opposite direction from the guys.


The students were heading back to their classrooms, while having happy conversations. In between them, there was one student who was talking louder than anyone… Yamada.

“We got the final victory, thanks to my diving header! Since I stood out even more than Yuuto, I might be getting noticed by many girls!”

Is your head like a garden filled with flowers?
You are fortunate that there is no girl here, right now.

No matter how much you are the number one idiot character of the grade, it’d be bad, going against the “Prince” of the school.


Until reaching the classroom, Yamada didn’t stop speaking for even a second. The people around him were also getting tired, but since he was the key figure in the final victory, they kept accompanying him.

Since they always flock towards Shizuku and Yuuto, I wonder if these guys also talk within themselves…. While thinking so, I decided to keep listening to the conversation between Yamada and other classmates, till the classroom.



“The prize was meal coupons! Let’s go and celebrate with everyone, today!”

After all the girls and boys finished changing and assembled in the classroom, Yuuto began with such conversation.
Yuuto and Shizuku who arrived earlier, had been clutching meal vouchers for a famous restaurant, in their hands.

“Those people who cannot come, meet me afterwards. There are lots of them, so you can also use it personally in future.”

For conclusion, with “Everyone, thanks for your hard work!”, Yuuto brought the talk to an end. For some reason, from class, lots of cheers of “It was the best!” or “You looked pretty cool!” etc, and such kind of words were flying inside the classroom. I wondered if the conversation with Yamada some time ago, was just a figment of my imagination…

As expected, my class is really the worst… Makes me feel too much ill at ease.


After listening to the messages from the homeroom teacher, the class dispersed. Currently, the after celebration had become the hot topic inside the classroom.
It was decided that because of perspiration due to body movement, everyone will return to their homes and change their clothes. Especially the boys were pleased that they would be able to see the normal clothes of Shizuku.


“Well then, I would be going ahead.”

Trying to get away even a little earlier from the more crowded than usual classroom, I stood up while carrying my bag.

“Well then, should I go back as well?”

Kirasaka also stood next to me, carrying her belongings and left the classroom together.

The inside of the school building, which had already became dark, brought out that distinct noisy ambience, what one would expect after the end of a school event.


“Will Shinra-kun go to the celebration?”

Kirasaka enquired as such, while descending the stairs.

“….I will…..”

“Minato-kun! Let’s go to the celebration!”

While I was trying to answer her question, my voice was interrupted by Shizuku’s voice, coming from behind.
Shizuku grabbed my chest, in excitement.


“So, for celebration, I will…..”

“Minato! You are definitely participating in today’s celebration, right?”

This time it was Yuuto, who obstructed my voice, while I was trying to give a reply to the two girls.
Getting slightly irritated at the two, who spoke with such timing as if they had prepared beforehand, I tried to calm myself down to convey my reply.


“Listen, I am definitely……”

“There is no way that Shinra-kun will be going? If it is you two, then you guys definitely know.”

“…Alright, you guys shut up for a while.”


While I had not even said anything, Kirasaka and Shizuku had started quarreling at the back.
Not even a fragment of the outstanding combination of these two, seen during the basketball match, could be found now.

And then, giving a backward glance towards Yuuto, who was trying to pacify the two of them, I left that place.


13 thoughts on “Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #17 (Reason)

  1. Shit, this is getting painful to read.
    If Shizuku and Yuuto are still that annoying at the next 4 chapters, I think it’s time to drop this piece of shit.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Are the behavior of the classmates normal for Japanese teenagers? I’ve seen it a lot in Japanese novels, mangas and anime, but never seen something like that in real life.


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