Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #19 (Reason)

When we went outside, it was still before 7 PM, so the sun was setting. The street light built on the side of road was illuminating the path for the three people.

Usually the road, that was frequently being used by students, was now mostly occupied by the office workers, returning home.
Unlike the daytime, the night wind still felt chilly.

“Which reminds me, what were you talking about with Kaede?”

Looking at the two walking slightly ahead, I suddenly recalled the scene from earlier.
It was a scene of the two, bringing their faces near Kaede’s ear and having some kind of strategy meeting.

While at the beginning, Kaede had not showed much interest in the conversation, after the two conveyed something to her, suddenly the look in her eyes changed. I was curious the whole time, about it.

“I will tell you about that afterwards.”

Shizuku replied cheerfully.
In short, I won’t be informed about it, yet.
While I did have little bit of interest, since it was not enough to the degree of pursuing it, the matter finished here.


Since topics for conversation were also exhausted, only the sound of three people’s shoes rubbing on the ground, could be heard. I suddenly noticed that the smartphone in my pocket was vibrating.

There was a notification regarding incoming calls on the screen. Looking at the logs, I could see around 10 missed calls from Yuuto in a straight line.

The calls were logged at an interval of 5 minutes each and there were also a number of messages received as well.

“…Since I left it in the room, I was not able to see it.”

As soon as I was going to call, I received a new message “If you are coming, please give me a reply by mail”. I conveyed to him that this was the first time, I came to know about him contacting and that I was heading over there.

Shizuku walking ahead, also checked her smartphone, exclaimed with “Oh!”. I wonder if she was not able to confirm about us coming, from my house.

I felt really guilty towards him… Let’s apologize properly, later.


We arrived in front of the store, around 15 minutes after the appointed time.
Even from outside the store, we could see our classmates, eating happily.


“It is difficult to go inside.”

I can understand very well, the feelings of Kirasaka, who muttered so.
It is the same feeling when coming late to class.
Entering later would attract awkward attention. It makes me really uncomfortable.

Unlike us, who were hesitating about going inside, Shizuku opened the door quickly, saying “Let’s go”.

With the bell attached to the door ringing, the bustling conversation was interrupted for a moment.
After noticing that it was Shizuku, the inside of the store became noisier than before.

“Ah..Now is the time.”

Noticing that most of the students’ gazes were locked on Shizuku, I nonchalantly, crept inside the store.
Kirasaka also entered the store after me. Across the passage from where our classmates were sitting, in the opposite side, we took our seats.

The place, where we secured our two small seats, was like a private room with its own attached sliding door, which we closed quickly.

“With this, it could be said that we have more or less participated.”

“Certainly, since we entered the shop, we can say that we participated.”

There was the matter about apologizing to Yuuto, but amidst this bustling atmosphere, it seems impossible to greet him.

There was touch panel model for menu on the seats. Using it, I ordered beverages for the two people’s portion and turned to ask Kirasaka.


“It is not my place to say, but wasn’t Kirasaka also not participating?”

“Certainly, it is not your place to say.”

While laughing at a level, which was drowned by the noise, inside the store, she put up two fingers.

“There are two reasons, for me participating. The first one is, I wanted to listen a bit more about Shinra-kun. Due to circumstances, we also gained a pretty good private room…. Well, as for the next one…

And then, one more thing
Saying like that, she started speaking about her private conversation with Shizuku.

“Shinra-kun is going alongside that handsome guy and Kanzaki-san to the amusement park, this Sunday?”

“Amusement park?”

In the schedule present in my memory, there was nothing written for Sunday.
In other words, it was supposed to be a day, spent leisurely inside the house.

When I told her that I had no such plans, Kirasaka looked at me in a puzzled manner.

“According to her, you all will be going together to the amusement park this Sunday. Allowing me to participate as well, was the condition for yielding Shinra-kun, this time.”

While saying “Kaede-chan is the same!”, she appeased her thirst with the drink, she was carrying.
Since she was going to be taken away to amusement park on Sunday, was that why Kaede was surprised….

Or rather, Kirasaka said words like ‘yield’ and such without hesitation, but I am not your property…

I started understanding the scene that had happened earlier. In the first place, since I had to confirm my doubt, I brought out my smartphone.

From the contact address, I chose the “Smile Manufacturing Machine” contact and sent a short mail to the registered address, “There is something I have to ask, so come outside.”

“Please wait for a while.”

Telling this to Kirasaka, I went outside the store alone.
Glancing at Yuuto from outside, he also noticed my message. Saying few words to the classmates around him, he left his seat.

While I waited, sitting on the bench outside, Yuuto also came over and sat besides me.

“I am sorry for not noticing your calls and messages, earlier… I left the phone in the room.”

“Don’t worry about that kind of stuff.”

For the time being, regarding the incident earlier, firstly I apologized properly to Yuuto.
That was certainly my fault.

Since I have apologized to Yuuto, now I can frankly ask about the matter I want to know.
I grasped the hand of Yuuto with both of mine and asked him, while exerting the full power within my body. I grasped Yuuto’s hand with both of mine and putting all my strength, I asked.


“You…. On Sunday, why am I also supposed to go together with you?”


27 thoughts on “Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #19 (Reason)

    • Oh, also, I bet this amusement park thing is part of the plan Yuuto came up with in order to confess… You know, the one the MC absentmindedly agreed to, without listening to his blathering at all…

      Liked by 7 people

      • It’s fruits of what MC sowed in agreeing with a solution to his friend’s romantic hurdles while deliberately ignoring what he was saying. Admittedly he had repeatedly told the intrusive smile machine he wanted nothing to do with his romances.
        So they both are at fault in this situation. But MC is the only one at a loss & has now been pinned into participation on several fronts.
        He could of escaped if the girls hadn’t brought in the ultimate weapon of his imouto.
        Doomed, lol
        Thanks for the chapter


    • You didn’t read ch 11 very attentively if you still thought it’s Kirasaka he likes. It’s pretty strongly hinted there that it’s Shizuku.


      • I’ve reread ch 11 and I still don’t get how it’s strongly hinted he likes Shizuku, if you mean when he became depressed because Shizuku criticized him then I don’t think it’s enoughh of a reason, I mean the guy just got shot down by TWO (2) girls I think its common for anyone to be depressed., and I never trust the MC’s internal monologue since I consider him to be a dense protagonist.


      • If you mean the monologue of the mc, that was only in His own perspective, how can you trust the monologue of a thick head protagonist? And in that part not only shizuku but both her and kirasaka made the rebuttal from his praise so I don’t see how it hinted there. the way I see it kirisaka is the one he likes.


      • You forget that both Kirasaka and the MC showed him sympathy after he became depressed. If it was Kirasaka whose words made him depressed, I’d expect some reaction to this.

        All the hints (granted, from the MC’s perspective) point towards Shizuku. I’ve yet to spot a single scene where it was in any way hinted that Yuuto was interested in Kirasaka, so I don’t even know where you got the idea in the first place. Also, the next chapter pretty much confirms it, as Yuuto tried to invite Shizuku alone.


      • From my POV Yuuto like Shizuku from the first time MC talked with Kirisaka, I mean its like he’s Shizuku when the whole class got surprised, I don’t think Yuuto would try to talk to Kirisaka just because she’s talking with MC.. And also that’s why I’m surprised that Yuuto likes Shizuku..


    • honestly i dont get why people assume Yuuto likes either of the girls romantically. Maybe i missed something? Like MC thinks they look good together and everyone else assumes they like each other or should at least be a couple too. MC is also of this opinion so he is biased and we cant trust his thoughts regarding them.

      So why do people here think Yuuto likes Shizuku or that other girl? Like i haven’t seen anything to suggest he does, either by the way he treats her or the way he talks when around her. Seems strictly platonic? Again maybe i missed something…

      The guy may like a girl but i doubt its either of them. Not sure about nearly half the events going on here tho sometimes. Maybe its just me.


    • Going for the assumption that Shizuku likes Minato (it has not been confirmed yet), I think what this means is they both are trying to fight for Minato’s time. So, Kirasaka might have bargained that she would only participate in the celebration, if she gets to spend time with Minato (alone?). Shizuku agreed only because she was going to have time with Minato on Sunday anyway, so she yielded.

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  1. In this chap Maybe yuu only invited shi but he told shi that he already informed both mc and shi so when shi and yuu meets up and mc dont show up, he just gonna act and say “oh he messaged me that he cant show up so why don’t we both continue since we are already here blahblah”. Or whatfvcking ever idk anymore….


  2. If you don’t want her treating you like her property then say so. She’ll keep acting cocky unless you say something.


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