Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #20 (Reason)

From my one sentence, Yuuto understood instantly why he was called out.
His face got flustered, as if he got caught and showed an apologetic expression.

“Well fine… But explain it to me, how it was decided that I will be joining you guys.”

“I know.. I will explain that, of course.”

I released my powerful grip from Yuuto’s hand, leaned back on the bench and prepared myself to listen to the conversation.
Yuuto started explaining the whole story, while leaning forward.

“This morning, I went to invite Kanzaki-san for going out on Sunday.”

“I see.”

“And then, I was able to receive her consent.”

“It sounds good, so far.”


Till the conversation now, it went as planned at my house.
For me, the important part will come now.

“And then… it was decided that Minato will also accompany us.”

“Wait a moment, there was not a single thing, I wanted to hear about.”

“Even I don’t understand it properly.”

While scratching his head, Yuuto started explaining the chain of events in detail.


The two talked during the time, everyone was changing clothes and had to return to classroom for homeroom.
The place seems to be the table, where Shizuku was writing about the events of the day.


“Kanzaki-san, do you have a moment?”

“Yes? What is it?”

Shizuku put the paper in her hand, inside the desk and turned her body towards Yuuto.

“If it is alright, will you go to the amusement park, this Sunday?”

Yuuto asked, while his heart was thumping loudly.
It was the most nervous moment, he had felt in several years.

“Amusement park…! It will be nice. Let’s go!”

Shizuku consented easily to Yuuto’s request with a face, full of smile.
And when they tried talking about the appointed day, the plans started to go out of order.

“Well, we have to talk to Minato-kun too.”


“From my side, I will try inviting him after school!”


This way, not being able to correct Shizuku’s misunderstanding, the situation developed to this stage.
Certainly, I could comprehend a bit about Yuuto not understanding well.


“But, if you had quickly said that if was only for the two of you, then this situation won’t have happened, right?”

“I tried to say it. But as soon as I opened my mouth, she went somewhere immediately.”

It seems that Yuuto also tried to talk with Shizuku afterwards.
After the game, in the place where we three had came to, also after I went towards the rooftop, he had tried talking to her.
However, since there was some work, they were not able to talk specifically.

“With the story having grown this far already, at this point of time, I cannot just say two people, right?”

Looking at Yuuto, dropping his shoulders, it seems it would be difficult to refuse this time.
Since Kaede had also been involved, I would not be able to refuse.

As expected, Shizuku had also associated with me, for a long while. She understands my weak point, pretty well.

“…If you want to be alone together on that day, there is no choice for you, other than working hard.”

Saying this sentence to Yuuto, I went back inside the store.
From behind, “Ah, leave it to me!”, a reply filled with fighting spirit could be heard. That being the case, it will be dependent on that day’s effort.

Inside the store, I wondered if the noise was bothering other customers of the store… While thinking so, I went back to the private room.


“Ah? That was quick.”

Kirasaka greeted me, while drinking black tea, she probably ordered afterwards.
There are not many people who are so picturesque, while drinking only black tea.
Her every single movement looks attractive.


Looking at that figure, I also started thirsting for black tea and ordered the refill.

“It was just a small confirmation, so… Certainly it seems that we are going to the amusement park on Sunday.”

“Is that so… It was good that it was not a lie of Kanzaki-san.”

She exhaled with a small relief.
And then, she opened the sliding door for a bit and checked the figures of the classmates, sitting on the opposite side.
And then, she closed the door immediately and pinned it with her hand, as if not letting anyone open it.

“…What are you doing?”

“Don’t worry about it. I just felt like doing it.”

Kirasaka, who was was pinning the door with her right hand; as if she had thought of something, suddenly started restraining the door with both of her hands.
While I was watching her, wondering what she was doing; for an instant, the door opened but was closed instantly by Kirasaka.

“If you hold it like that, my black tea won’t arrive.”

“…That is there as well”

When Kirasaka let go of her hands reluctantly off the door, the door was opened vigorously.

“What are you doing sneakily?”

Hearing the voice of Shizuku outside, it seems Kirasaka was preventing her from coming inside.
Shizuku sat next to me, as if cramming her body and glared at Kirasaka, on the opposite side.

“What, I was merely talking to Shinra-kun normally? Since, we dislike entering that circle.”

“Then, do it only after saying something to me!”

As always, the atmosphere turned perilous due to the two people, with bad relations. At this very moment, the shop assistant entered the room, carrying my order of black tea.
I took the cup in front of me and tried imitating the movements of Kirasaka, from a while ago.

….Yes, let’s stop it.
However much I do it, it won’t look picturesque.

While drinking the black tea normally, I decided to vaguely listen to the conversation between the two girls.


32 thoughts on “Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #20 (Reason)

    • yup, NOW its pretty obvious. Before it was more ambiguous but we cant deny it now. Its kinda sad tho, not cuz she likes the MC but because MC thinks either they like each other (remember the part he thought she got mad cuz the other girl put Yuuto down in like chap two or three) or they should be together. Girl doesn’t have a chance with him as long as he continues that line. of thinking.

      Liked by 3 people

  1. If Shizuku really likes Minato then I wonder if this will become a conflict/drama later for the three of them. The author could have taken the easy way out, pretending that Yuuto likes someone else but doesn’t seem that way.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Considering the intense rivalry with Kirasaka, I think it’s pretty obvious that she like him. I also think it’s unlikely that she’ll win, considering how Kirasaka has so far been presented as the clear female lead. Eventually Yuuto will probably get through to her, with Minato’s reluctant assistance. Things could change down the line, but that’s how it appears right now.

      Liked by 3 people

      • @mighthose: Consider this:

        Would you choose a person, you have known your whole life and never felt anything for her or someone who is new in your life?
        IRL (I know this is fiction), people don’t really feel much for their childhood friends. The feeling is always more like a brother/sister.

        Liked by 1 person

      • @Jeremy: That is often the case, but there are also real life examples where childhood friends develop romantic feelings for each other.

        It is curious, though, how the childhood friend is such a popular trope, yet so rarely wins in a harem. Visual novels where you can choose your own routes are a different matter, of course.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Well, I used to be like the same but I let go of it. Protagonists are generally never made perfect (especially in JP media) since with a calm headed protagonist, things will get solved easily. They won’t be dense and know the existence of the harem (which we can argue, might not even exist if the protagonist wasn’t like what he is). The story itself would have nothing to read about. A good story is about a flawed character getting his/her personality development over the course of the story.

      I mean the protagonist here, doesn’t value himself since he thinks he is ordinary and not good looking. I have known people IRL, who were not good looking but worked hard and ended up with beautiful girls (where people felt they won’t be well matched). It is all about confidence.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I understand this, without this kind of thing almost all the novels could be finished with half the volumes and a lot of them wouldn’t even have a decent story.
        But even knowing this, I’m the kind of person who doesn’t pay attention to details (technical aspects for one) as long I can enjoy the novel, so I’m simply annoyed that I can’t yell at the characters that they are stupid for not doing what I thing they should do, or because they are annoying…


      • I think this MC is still quite passable and far as dense harem leads go… I mean, he has a complex about his looks, so it’s understandable that it wouldn’t occur to him that a cute girl might like him, and even if it did, he’d be very cautious about believing it, since being mistaken would be very embarrassing. And besides being oblivious to the feelings of those two girls, he’s not stupid. He acts mostly logically. He’s not embarrassing, either (which is something I hate, embarrassing MC’s).


  2. The shuraba… well, that’s the whole problem with these teens, they lack self-awareness. MC understands social interaction, but puts himself down not realising the female attraction to him.
    Girl/Guy childhood friend, due to their high specs, are living in some kind of world where everything and everyone goes their way, failing to see things as they are.
    And 2nd MC girl, although high spec, is a realist like MC and that’s why she’s attracted to him.
    Now we just wait and see how the bomb blows in the fairgrounds, or if MC extricates himself.


    • Before talking about how dense MC is, I’m pretty sure the main obstacle here is that he doesn’t give two shits about the girls going after him…


  3. why do I think that Yuuto approached MC have impure motive behind it. I mean surely everyone should have guessed that Shizuku is a Childhood friend of MC and Yuuto befriend MC because he want Shizuku to know that he is MC’s Friend. Which could increase his chance of getting close to Shizuku and also create a image of him treating everyone equally.

    This just my theory.


  4. Ok, the pathways of love look like this (so far, in MY opinion):
    Ren —> Minato
    Shizuku —> Minato
    Smile Manufacturing Machine —> Shizuku
    Minato —> Karen (as a little sister, maybe more *insert Lenny face*)
    Karen —> Minato (most likely as a guy rather than a blood-relative)

    However, everyone else thinks (aka the school [who cares about those a-holes])
    Shizuku —> Thing1 (otherwise, known as S.M.M)
    Thing1 —> Shizuku
    Ren (possibly, as he’s the only one she’s talked to) —> Minato (wait, actually never mind. I forgot they don’t recognise his existence…)


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