Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #28 (Senpai and Kouhai)

…After all, I wonder what was that smile, president showed in the end.

Even while exiting the student council room, on my way back and even when reaching home, I was not able to remove president’s last expression from my mind.
Undoubtedly, this was not the reason president nominated me.

There should be some other reason, she expressly made me join the student council.

That is, she had some good will towards me….I, very well know that it is not such an anime-like development.

I wonder if it would be good classifying the gaze of president… as the passionate looks, girls sent towards Yuuto? I could not feel that.


“…For the time being, there is no choice other than looking at the situation.”

While I was thoroughly engrossed regarding the incident that day, I could hear the bell signalling the end of lunch.

“Looks like, you were contemplating quite a bit.”

Before I knew it, Kirasaka was looking over here with a bored expression.

“…My bad, did I ignore you?”

“No way.”

While replying with a single word, she turned her gaze forward and began preparing for the upcoming lesson.
Imitating her, I also took out the textbooks for the next lesson from inside the desk. My mood worsened with the approaching meeting of the student council.

“…I wish today didn’t end.”

While the lesson started, I hoped for the impossible to not happen after school.


“Well then, return back carefully.”

The after school, which did come in the end.

The last lesson finished. When the homeroom teacher said those words, the students stood up from their seats simultaneously and started discussing their plans regarding afterwards.
If there were students talking about club activities, then there were also students talking about stopping by somewhere, on their way home.

Among them, I spent more time than usual gathering my belongings, trying to delay even a little, the time towards the student council.

“After this, is your first time with the student council?”

Shizuku slipped away alone from the circle of students and came over here. Ignoring Kirasaka sitting besides me, she asked me as such.

“Yes… Unfortunately after this, is my first job.”

“If I could, I would have also wanted to help, however…”

I shook my head towards Shizuku, who was making an apologetic expression, for some reason.

“It can’t be helped with this much… I dislike it but I will go. The in-charge is that Sudou…”

While replying to Shizuku, my originally non-existent motivation, plummeted further.
“Please do your best”, Shizuku clenched her small fist before her chest. While lightly replying to her, I started advancing towards the student council room in the third building.

As I was leaving the classroom, Yuuto passed by me saying “Don’t skip” and gave a small chuckle.
Definitely, let’s harass him a little afterwards… Turning his shoes in the shoe-rack, upside down or something.


The building of third year students is also called the senior-most. The atmosphere here feels somewhat different from the second year building.
How to say it… It feels heavy.

Walking stealthily as to not make any noise naturally, I did not make any eye contact with the passing seniors.

While walking like that, I reached the intended destination. The student council room could be seen in front.


“…Have they assembled already?”

Unlike the usual classrooms, the student council had a big, white iron door. It seems to be said that it goes to a different world from here.
Before knocking, I took a deep breath. When I was trying to strike with my finger, I could hear a familiar voice from behind.

“Isn’t it senpai! Thank god, I was anxious about being alone.”

The owner of that voice was someone similar to me, who had joined the student council from today, Hino-kun.
I could perceive the anxiousness from his facial expression.

“Hino-kun still hadn’t arrived, huh…”

“Yes! I tried to come as quickly as the homeroom finished, however there is quite a distance from the first building.”

Certainly, the third building is farthest from the first one.
Even I arrived a little slower since I was wasting time in the classroom, but walking normally, it should take around five minutes.

Nevertheless, since I arrived earlier than Hino-kun, I wonder if it will be troublesome to commute here everyday.

While confirming Hino-kun taking a deep breath and calming down behind me, I struck the door lightly, the second time.


“It’s okay to enter…”

Thinking it was probably the president’s voice crossing over the door, I pulled the door in front of me and entered inside.
Hino-kun also followed behind me and entered the room.


From the last time we came here, nothing much had changed inside the room, except the two student sitting at the previously vacant seats.

“Finally you guys came… Well then, let me introduce the two of them. Second year, Shinra and First year, Hino!”


“I look forward to working with you!”

After president’s simple greetings, we bowed to the guy, who seemed to be the vice president and the girl, who was probably the treasurer.

“I-I am glad to meet you! I-I am the vice president, Koizumi Shouichi!”

“I am the treasurer, Miura Mika.”

The vice president, Koizumi and the treasurer, Miura stood up from their seats and after introducing themselves, bowed towards us identically.
Both of them were in the same year as me. Certainly, I felt like I had seen their faces last year, several times.

The vice president had short, black hair and was wearing everything, from uniform till necktie, neatly.
The president had told us that the vice president was timid. Certainly, within the first meeting, looking at him properly, I could agree with the opinion.

The treasurer, Miura had her hair tied at the back in one piece. Different from the vice president, she was not flustered and looked alternately at my and Hino-kun’s faces.


After the general introductions were over, both of us kept our luggage on our respective designated seats and looked towards the president.
Incidentally, my seat is next to the vice president and Hino-kun’s seat is near the treasurer’s.

“At last, everyone seems to be present and it gives a feeling of being a student council!”

The president looked around the room, delightfully and putting both of her hands on the desk, announced in a loud voice.

“With this, let’s begin the new student council of Sakuranogaoka!”

Thus, the first student council activity began.


14 thoughts on “Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #28 (Senpai and Kouhai)

  1. so i just started reading today, and i think the translation is great, but can you please calm down with the commas? it makes reading very awkward since i always pause a bit on a comma, and therefore something like: In the end, for this time’s ball game tournament, among the games Class 3 participated in, the girls won the basketball event and the guys won the soccer one. just completely disrupts the immersion

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  2. “As I was leaving the classroom, Yuuto passed by me saying “Don’t skip” and gave a small chuckle.
    Definitely, let’s harass him a little afterwards… Turning his shoes in the shoe-rack, upside down or something.”
    – an example for previous chapters comments about the way close friends normally tease each other.
    Thanks for the chapter


  3. I hope you die in a chemical fire, prez….
    Nah that’s too much. I hope you literally break a leg.


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