So, as the tagline suggests, I created this blog so that I could mark my progress as I learn Japanese and translate in the meantime. I have no particular fixation on any type of media, so it can be anything. I might focus mostly on the web novels though.

In case this blog actually becomes popular, I have no intention to regularly update as the translation is neither for monetary purposes nor for any kind of passion. I could be away for weeks or might update a lot in a period of few hours. Basically, don’t hold any kind of expectation from this blog. The translation, editing and everything else will solely be done by me. Regarding these criteria, I am always open to criticism as the main purpose for this blog is self learning after all.

About my Japanese proficiency, I have not taken any JLPT level exams till now, but I have finished reading light/visual novels by myself. I have a haphazard foundation, which I aim to improve in the future by properly going through all the JLPT levels. As said before, pointing out any kind of mistakes will be very appreciated.

And that will be it, from me.