Current status and going forward

So, I am kind of feeling sick and might not be updating for the next few days. For those who liked the daily updates, I apologize.

Currently, I am 6 chapters behind the source. The next chapter begins a new arc which has yet to be finished. I skimmed over the next chapters and unless the author changed something, I probably made an error in translation regarding an event mentioned previously. However I cannot confirm it yet with the little info I have (from the 6 chapters only). For the time being, I will wait for the next arc to finish before I start translating again and correct the error if need be.

Also, since I have more or less caught up to the source (6 chapters will probably take me 3-4 days), I am planning to pick up a new novel in future. I had hopes of translating something like fantasy, but my vocabulary is probably not good enough for it yet.

When I do pick the new novel, I will make a new post with its summary.

Until then, I will probably be revising my past chapters to fix grammatical errors. See you guys, later!


6 thoughts on “Current status and going forward

    • He started this novel on 27th September this year. In 38 days, he posted 38 chapters (including short stories and prologue), so his speed is quite good. Though, he took 9 days to update his latest chapter, so I don’t know if his pace is slowing or not.

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