Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #25 (Senpai and Kouhai)

As expected, this kouhai is a pretty dangerous guy…

Hino-kun, joining his hands together, was looking at the sky with a distant look. I grabbed his hands and started taking him towards the adequate place for him.

“H..Huh? What happened, senpai?”

“…Don’t worry. It seems they provide food properly, there.”

“Are trying to take me along to the police station again!?”

Of course.
Rather, I have been trying to, since the time you revealed that you bought photos taken sneakily.

Ignoring Hino-kun’s words, who was creating an uproar again, I walked, without a pause.
While advancing like this, I reached the end of the road and stopped.
To reach Sakuranogaoka, I have to go right. For arriving at police station, I have to keep walking left.

This time, my destination is left.
Pulling the guy by his hand, when I was trying to change from my usual direction, I heard a voice, coming from the opposite, right side.


“The two people, there… Where are you going?”

Hino-kun and I, turned towards that voice.
There was a single female student there, standing dignified with her hands folded.

“Is that uniform of our high school?”

She had slightly lower voice than usual for a girl.
While walking towards here, the girl looked at our faces alternately and gave a single nod.

“Second year, Shinra and First year, Hino, huh.. I heard about some students being noisy from others. Were they talking about you…”

Why does she know our names? While wondering this, I looked at the face of the girl and understood the reason, quickly.
Long brown hair tied in a ponytail, dangling over her shoulders; wearing red coloured spectacles and a yellow band on her left arm.

This person is the student council president, Hiiragi Akane-senpai.
I have heard rumours however, this person seems to be able to remember the faces and names of the whole student body, perfectly.

If those rumours are true, remembering my name is not strange.
…However, remembering the names of the whole student body; I wonder if the student council has lots of free time… I kept this idea buried inside my mind.

“Why are you two guys, making so much noise since morning? Perhaps, a fight?”

“…That’s wrong! I am taking this dangerous person, to the police station.”

“Dangerous person?”

The president moved her line of sight, from me to Hino-kun.
Watching the president staring at him fixedly, with her hands against her lips, Hino-kun was not able to endure and averted his eyes.

“What has he done?”


I was honestly lost on how to answer the president’s question.
Kaede was not a student of Sakuranogaoka and as this was not an internal matter of the school, it was not a matter of the level, of reporting to the student council president.

While I was thinking such, I could feel the gaze of Hino-kun looking over here, saying “Please don’t say anything!”. Observing this, I decided.


“Hino-kun possessed several pictures of my sister, so I was dragging him off to the police station.”

“Why did you say it!?”



Well, with these kind of circumstances, I conversed with the president.
“Please come to the student council room, after school.” as such verdict was even passed to me. And that is why, currently Hino-kun and I, were standing in front of the president.

“I got the gist of Hino-kun’s story… No, I was not able to understand the fact about Shinra’s sister being a goddess, however.”

“That’s fine. Please don’t try understanding that. My sister is just an ordinary human being.”

Hino-kun narrated the contents of this morning again, to the president.
Taking the photographs of Kaede from me, the president confirmed with Hino-kun.

“I had asked this question while entering the room as well, but you truly didn’t do sneak photography, right? Or you didn’t shadow her, did you?”

“I..It’s true! I swear, I didn’t do anything befitting a crime!”

…I wonder if it is not a crime, buying peeping photos?
I don’t know well, but I decided to keep silent.


“So as you hear it, Shinra.. As a brother, even I think you took the right action, but for just this time, can you give him another chance?”

While showing a bitter smile implying “I understand I am speaking strange things.”
While I was not convinced, I knew Hino-kun was not a bad person by conversing with him, so I accepted it conditionally.

“…I understand. But I wish for the president to take measures, so this guy won’t be meddling with Kaede.”

“Is that so.. Thank you. Of course, I have already thought regarding this point.”

President fetched a single paper from the inside of her desk.
While putting that in front of Hino-kun, she began revealing her thoughts.

“I want to monitor Hino-kun directly, so I am asking him to work for the general affairs post in the student council. Since there will be work everyday after school, it would be hard for him to meddle with your sister.”

The title in the paper was “Student Council Staff Invitation Letter”. “General Affairs” was written in the designation column.
Receiving this, Hino-kun didn’t seem to look displeased but for some reason, was showing a grave look.

“If you refuse it, even I won’t be able to abide by the requirements of Shinra.”

Did the president think Hino-kun was frustrated, based on his expression…
When she told him such, Hino-kun shook his head.


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