Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #11 (Academic Test)

“Will the storm and heavy rain continue from today till tomorrow morning…”

The weather forecast lady was conveying the information displayed on a huge crystal display towards the audience, dispassionately.
Unfortunately, the town we live in, falls under the stormy region and it looks like, the storm will continue till tomorrow morning.


“It seems like it will be difficult to return home in this situation.”

Kirasaka muttered so, while looking at the TV.
She brought out a bag that was not present this morning, when she came to our house. From inside that bag, change of clothes, face-wash, cosmetics etc. started coming out, one after another.

“…What is that luggage.. You didn’t bring that with you, right.”

“I left this behind at the entrance. I prepared for the possibility of such situation happening.”

Kirasaka placed all the luggage on the floor temporarily and started verifying if there were any forgotten items.
Immediately, with a small “Ah” leaking out, she stood up and went towards the living room.

After a few seconds, the sound of walking in the corridor changed to the sound of opening a door. Perhaps, she went inside my room.

After a few minutes, Kirasaka came back into the living room, carrying a familiar jersey.

“I forgot my sleep-wear.”

“….No, you have a car, right. Go back.”

“….Certainly, I heard that it was going for a car inspection.”

Listening to her words that resembled to be a lie, not even I, but even Kaede stared coldly at her. Receiving such gazes, she averted her eyes, awkwardly.
Shizuku was dispatching even a colder glare than I.

“This is why, I will be indebted to you for today.”

This is why, huh… As Kirasaka decided by her own accord to stay overnight, I resolved myself for this day to become rougher than afternoon.


“…It seems that rain has a calming effect on people.”

“What happened suddenly, Minato-kun?”

After returning to room, we resumed studying. When approximately an hour had elapsed, looking outside the window of my room, I recalled a program concerning rain, broadcasted some time ago.

“The sound of rain seems to have a healing effect on people. I don’t know the reason, though.”

“Hoee1… I didn’t know that.”

I was surprised to hear this expression for the first time in the 16 years, I have lived. Although I was the one who started this conversation, my head went completely blank.
In my place, Kirasaka started giving the explanation.

“I also don’t know the details. However, it sounds regular but is actually irregular… It is similar to the heartbeat of a person. So, when a person hears it, it has a calming effect on him as he feels a sense of security…. Though, I don’t know if it is actually true.”

As expected of the first rank in our year.
In miscellaneous knowledge, she is better informed than us.

“So, there was such a reason! Kirasaka-san is very knowledgeable.”

“Even if you praise me, I don’t feel an ounce of happiness.”

But, as expected of Kirasaka who is relentless towards Yuuto; even though she was praised, she displayed a bad mood.
It is rare for Yuuto to be disliked this much.

As far as I know, there is no one except Kirasaka who dislikes, condemns Yuuto…. Just when I was thinking that, there was an additional attack sent from the other side.

“But certainly, since Ogiwara-kun praises girls so quickly, there must be times when you are seen as a insincere person?”

“….I..Is that so.. I..I am quite an earnest guy, though…”

“Is that so? That is unexpected.”

Due to honest words without any kind of malice, Yuuto suffered great damage.
Of all things, since this was uttered by Shizuku, the person he likes, his expression became dispirited, immediately.

“Well.. Don’t worry about it… pfft”

“Yes, surely there must be some good points in a frivolous guy like you too… fufufu”

While enduring laughter, Kirasaka and I put our hands on the shoulder of Yuuto and in the name of providing comfort, added few low blows.


While studying for the mathematics test on Monday, before we knew it, day had ended and outside became pitch dark.
The weather had deteriorated since the afternoon and even taking shelter under an umbrella, one would still get soaked, undoubtedly.

Leaving the study at this, I decided to discuss seriously about what to do, after this.

“Since I am staying here, I don’t have any problem.”

Kirasaka had already changed from her dress to my jersey. And since she had already got my sister’s approval, staying overnight was not a joke.
Because we received such delicious meat, Kaede said that she was allowing her to stay overnight.

“I will return since I have plans for tomorrow morning. My elder sister is coming to pick me up, so it is fine.”

“My house is just in front of here. So, I have decided to go back….. Just, Kirasaka-san has to sleep in the living room.”

Yuuto had already collected his belongings. I passed him an umbrella which was left near the entrance.
Upon receiving the umbrella, “Well then” Yuuto uttered and quickly went outside. He ran towards a stopped car, present just a little beyond.

“Well then, Minato-kun, I intruded upon you today.”

“Even though it is in front of here, you will get soaked by the time you reach home, so take care to not catch a cold.”

Shizuku lived in a house on the opposite side of the road.
She actually lived just in front, but since it was raining so hard, she will get soaked, considerably.

“I know. Well then, I will meet you next, at school.”

With her hands on the entrance, when Shizuku was just on the verge of going out, a sound started to ring, informing that there an incoming call on someone’s phone.

“Ah, it’s mine.”

The incoming call was on Shizuku’s phone. She took it out from her pocket, pressed the call button to answer it.

“What’s the matter, mother…. Right now, I am at Minato-kun’s house… Eh? Yes, understood.”

Removing the phone from her ear, she pressed the red button to end the call. Putting the smartphone back in her pocket, Shizuku turned over here and handed over her luggage to me.

“I will also be staying here tonight!”

Shizuku announced it, with a big smile on her face.
She took off her shoes again and started returning back. I felt I could hear noise of someone clicking their tongue, from behind.


1. This is a reference to the anime, Cardcaptor Sakura. This is an expression, Sakura uses when she is expressing amazement. Source. Also if you want to hear it, I could find a video on YouTube. (Warning! It is a mishmash of a video, with no context.)


17 thoughts on “Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #11 (Academic Test)

  1. now that I am 99% sure that shizuku likes minato….. i gotta say her idea of burging into his room and telling him “i have someone i like, give me love advice” was a very bad idea on her part.
    usually that type of a thing sends the guy the message “i am intrested in someone who is not you and i am friendzoning you, but i trust you enough to help me with my love problems”.

    Liked by 6 people

    • Not happening. The Smile Manufacturing Machine is the center of his own world. Thinks he’s a good friend because he’s constantly got mob characters kissing his ass.
      Besides, it’s not faking a call from her mother that would be a problem, it’s explaining to her mother WHY she slept over at a boy’s house.
      (2nd read)


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