Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #10 (Academic Test)

“Good morning to Kanzaki-san and Kirasaka-san!”

The “Prince” of school, Ogiwara Yuuto, who has stolen the hearts of many girls as the smile manufacturing machine, displayed that power sufficiently today, as well.


Right now in my room, Kirasaka, Shizuku and then, Yuuto; these three people have gathered.

The one I called, is of course this guy.

I do not have any friends, I can invite at such location.
This guy will be the sacrifice.


There was also the case during spring break. When I called him saying that I will help with that situation, he reached my home in half the time as usual.

“Huh? Why is Ogiwara-kun here?”

“We didn’t call you here, right?”

Shizuku asked wondrously while Kirasaka greeted Yuuto with a cold voice.

While it might be that way for Shizuku, as expected of the “Ice Queen”, Kirasaka Ren, the smile of Yuuto had no effect on her, whatsoever.

Somehow it seems that her mood is worse than the time, she was talking to Shizuku.


I was observing the figures of the three, while lying on the bed. Just like the figure of the reclining Buddha.

The table in my room is at most, only big enough to be used by two people.
The table of such size is currently being used by Kirasaka and Shizuku.
For some reason, a great number of questions were listed in their notebooks. Were they trying to solve these jointly?


There was only one vacant place. It was exactly the one, next to Shizuku which was occupied by Yuuto. Because there was no place for me, the owner of the room to sit, I was lying on the bed. While nibbling on the rice crackers brought from the living room I kept watching them.

“I was called by Minato. If there is something you don’t understand, then you can depend on me!”

Yuuto said this with an expression, full of himself.

“I don’t need help since my results are better than Ogiwara-kun and apart from that, I will be teaching Minato-kun, so you two should devote yourselves to your own studies.”

Shizuku conveyed the facts, indifferently.

“In that case, am I not the most competent? Because I am above you two, in results.”

Kirasaka gave a somewhat provocative feeling as usual.

During this time, I…

“…Oh, is this Nori1? Not bad.”

While the crunching sound of rice cracker resounded inside the room, I realized, as expected the traditional taste is the best.


Until the bell for noon chimed, Kirasaka and Shizuku quarreled regarding who will teach me. Finally it was decided that they will only teach me, when I ask a question I don’t understand.

There was a huge difference between the academic ability of the three people and I. For the problem set which I took two hours to complete, the girls were able to finish it only 30 minutes.

“Brother, what do you want to do for lunch?”

Kaede, who entered my room without knocking, was wearing a red apron over her clothes.
It was the apron, I made in middle school, during the home economics class and gifted to her.
She is still using it even now; as a brother I am very happy.

“Is it fine, if I make the portion for everyone together?”

Listening to Kaede’s question, before I could reply, Kirasaka and Shizuku stood up.

“Can you allow me to help you as well?”

“I will also help!”


Kaede, Shizuku and Kirasaka, lined up inside the kitchen and began preparing for lunch.
I, who was terrible at cooking, alongside Yuuto stayed in the living room and had no choice other than watching the girls.

“You can get healed by just watching a girl cooking.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah… Especially the figure of Kanzaki-san cooking, is the best.”

I thought this guy was more eloquent and would not be spouting lines like this…

Leaving the guy who got his heart stolen, by watching the figures of people cooking, I looked at the sky outside the window.
It was cloudier than this morning and looking at the weather, it was definitely going to rain.


“Brother, is it okay, grilling the meat brought by Kirasaka-san?”

“Hmm? Isn’t it alright?”

Kaede who came here briskly, was carrying the wooden box containing the meat, brought by Kirasaka today.
Although the meat was expensive, the amount was too much. I was thinking it would be impossible for Kaede and I to consume it by ourselves, so it was convenient, considering this situation.

Listening to my reply, Kaede went back to the other two and soon, sounds of meat getting grilled could be heard.

“Did Kirasaka-san bring such expensive looking meat?”

I pushed aside the hungry looking face of Yuuto and brought my palm in front of his face.

“What? Five?”

“Yes, it seems of the A5 quality.”

“Oh… As expected, it will be very delicious?”

“I have only bought meat from the supermarket, so I do not know.”

Indeed, these are words of the common people.
Besides the packaged meat we normally eat, it is unlikely that we will understand the taste of such high grade meat.


While conversing about such things, an appetizing fragrance enveloped the living room.

“It is completed!”

In front of me, the red raw meat of few minutes ago, had transformed into a well-cooked steak of grilled appearance.
Shizuku’s homemade sauce was put on small dishes, which were placed in front of the respective seats. After everyone got into their seats, the meal began.


“It was alright.”

I muttered so while drinking coffee, after the meal.
Kirasaka, who heard it replied “I will bring it again.”, with a smile. I would feel very guilty to have this expensive looking meat, so I politely declined.

Sounds of windows rattling and shaking could be heard inside the room.
After finishing the meal, instead of returning back to the room, the five people including Kaede and I, stayed in the living room to watch the weather report on TV.

Currently, outside the window, there was a storm brewing alongside heavy rain.

It had started raining during the meal and after some time had passed, a strong wind had also started blowing. When we had finally noticed, there was already a rainstorm outside.


1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nori


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  1. haaa… Yupp! the novel is interesting to read… it’s a story that seriously pisses you off in a way you don’t understand yourself… and for some got damn reason you just want to continue reading it!

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