Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #13 (Academic Test)

Next morning when I woke up, the heavy rainstorm had stopped. The cloudy weather had cleared up.

It was a good thing that the weather recovered earlier than the forecast predicted however, I wonder if I was the only one, whose spirits had been rising with the typhoon and rain.

I went outside to pick up the morning newspaper from the post box. Unlike I, who was missing the bad weather of yesterday, a dog was walking on the road in front of house with high strides.

I wonder if it was not able to move its body satisfactorily due to the weather yesterday..
Watching the dog, wagging his tail at a high speed, my cheek naturally relaxed.


“Brother, it’s time for breakfast!”

“Yes, I am coming.”

Hearing the voice of Kaede from inside the home, I returned back to the entrance, stretching my body.
With a creaking sounds in joints, I felt my strength returning, inside the previously heavy body.

While I had passed through the living room earlier, for a moment, I was able to see the normally unseen, fresh sleep-wear look of the two people, but during the little while I was out, all three of them had finished changing.

Looking at the two after they woke up, I was able to understand one thing; the difference between the so called ‘no make up face” and their normal one, was practically non-existent.

“Do you two, not do any kind of make up?”

With my curiosity gushing forth, I asked the two of them, who were adjusting their bed hair.

“I don’t do anything, specially.”

“Neither do I.”

As expected, these two don’t apply anything like a make up.
If they look so beautiful without doing any kind of make up, I wonder how pretty will they become, if they applied a little?


By the way, usually Kaede wears lip balm only.

While I did not particularly mention about the appearance of Kaede, she was cute to a level that I felt I was too ordinary of a brother and Kaede had procured all the good points in the family.

I wonder if the shortness in height is hereditary…

However, on a closer look, if these three went out into the town from the house, it won’t be strange to be mistaken as three beautiful sisters.
All three of them have black hair and good appearance. In order from Kirasaka, Shizuku to Kaede, the stature went downwards prettily.


“…. Don’t look more like a family, than me.”

In reply to my unintentional grumbling, the girls..

“I would decline to be considered family, with this person.”

“It would be a pretty bad joke to be considered family, with this person!”

The two don’t show the slightest indication of having good relations, even while sharing the same bed.

“My brother is my only sibling!”

Kaede said this with a dazzling smile.

“….It was just my imagination.”

Three sisters being friendly and talking with each other… I couldn’t imagine it even a little. I decided to start eating the breakfast already laid out on the table.


After finishing the breakfast, before long, both of them returned back to their homes.
Shizuku went to the house in front and Kirasaka was picked up by the long car, Kaede had mentioned yesterday.

The house that now contained only the two of us, suddenly became very quiet. It gave off a very lonesome feeling….. yeah not really. It actually gave a sense of liberation, after a long time.


Inside the house, quiet throughout the morning, I rested my body. From afternoon, I started solving the problems predicted for the test, left by the two girls.

Like this, my test preparation weekend ended.

And I decided that I will never do it again.




The day of test, Monday.

Usually, I would be solving the test questions till the last second, but this time, I finished my mathematics test with more than 15 minutes to spare.

“Will the questions be as they predicted….”

Recalling the questions, I saw on test, I could understand the brilliance of the girls and felt guilty as if I had cheated. Until the chime rang, I spent my time looking outside the window, watching birds flying unfettered in the sky.

In the test paper returned the next day, 93 points, which was my highest score till date, was marked with a red pen.

Kirasaka, who saw my marks from the side, nodded slightly, saying “It’s alright”.


Regarding modern Japanese and English, because I didn’t study for them, I only got average marks. I didn’t mention it to the two girls, but I felt some sense of security, declaring these as my real scores.


15 thoughts on “Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #13 (Academic Test)

    • Thanks for your opinion. I had few doubts regarding this. While I personally feel that within translation, expressions used in the original language should not be used as much as possible, I understand your point too. Sometimes, translating literally makes things sound rigid as translation cannot express every emotion present in the original work.
      I would like to ask about this sentiment in a larger forum to verify this. The next chapter is a side story based on Kaede, so it might be better to sort this out before I publish it.
      Thank you for your opinion again

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  1. The MC reminds me of the guy usually seen in Hentai. Long bangs that cant be seen the facial feature, a boring looking guy but surrounded by beautiful Childhood friend, School Madonna, cute Little sister, etc. And also named “Minato”.


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