Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #21 (Reason)

“By the way, why is Kanzaki-san also sitting down? There are only two seats here?”

“If you cram, even two people can sit together. Moreover, it is my freedom to sit, wherever I want?”

Certainly, even though it is a private room, the chairs in the room are slightly wider.
If you move closer, there is a possibility of even two people sitting together.

As she said, in this type of celebration party, anyone has the freedom to sit anywhere.
While some people do sit next to their friends, it has not been long since formation of the new class. Perhaps, some people have also sat next to someone they have never talked with, before.

However, most people don’t sit next to someone of opposite sex.
This was a celebration for school event. It was not a mixer1.


There must also be some guys who would want to sit next to girls and create a nice atmosphere while conversing. However, reality is not that sweet.
The seats of the girls and the boys had been separated precisely and only Yuuto is sitting next to the opposite gender.

Entering a private room with girls, it might be considered an envious development… However thinking about it, the one opposite to me, is the brightest person in the year; a mysterious person who people can’t figure out.
It was terrifying, holding any kind of strange expectations.


As for me, I have confidence that I won’t get excited, regardless of who sits opposite me.
Because, I don’t make any mistakes regarding expectations.

In case, while sitting in front and talking with me, someone says “Eh? Let’s play something?”, first of all, I would look at the surroundings to check if she is not looking at someone and laughing.
I, who was persuaded by Kaede that girls are scary, am not an idiot to the extent of falling for traps, here and there.


However in the present situation where someone was close enough, to be sticking shoulders, even my heart beat rose immediately, due to nervousness.
However you say that she was just a childhood friend, it doesn’t change the fact that she was a girl.

And above all else, Shizuku is called the most beautiful girl in school.

As much as possible, I tried moving my body away, to avoid touching shoulders. However, I don’t know what Shizuku misunderstood, but she kept moving her body closer, again and again.


“…Aren’t you a bit too close?”

Kirasaka spoke while glaring, in a low voice.
If a small child sees it, it will definitely start crying.

“I..It can’t be helped! Since, it is too narrow here!”

“Then leave.”

“I don’t want to.”

Shizuku who replied immediately to Kirasaka, didn’t seem to really have any interest in moving away.

…If a fan of Shizuku saw this scene, won’t I be pierced in the back by a knife, while returning home?
As soon as I thought as such, I realized the dreadful situation, I was in. I tried to verify with my eyes, if the sliding door was closed properly.

It’s okay. It is shut tightly.

I tried changing my body position many times, so that shoulders won’t hit. I finally discovered the perfect position where she cannot come closer, by holding down my knees.2
With this, for the time being, the problem was solved.

However, even if you say nicely, every time facing each other, the atmosphere turns gloomy. While I was feeling astonished as well some admiration, I noticed that the outside of private room was quieter than before.

“Where is Kanzaki-san?”

“Is she in washroom?”

I wonder which two people started the uproar, but every classmate started searching for Shizuku.

“Hey.. What to do about this..”

“What to do?”

I gave a cold look to Shizuku next to me, who had also noticed the situation outside.
Unlike me, Shizuku and Kirasaka didn’t have any impending sense of crisis, towards the situation. They didn’t held much interest, regarding it.

“…If you return?”

“I don’t want to.”


In the end, for a short while, the classmates wandered inside the store, searching for Shizuku.
Since the sliding door was closed, there was no one who was aware of us being inside. Nevertheless, I was fearful of the door opening sometime.

It was Yuuto, who subdued the situation.
Shizuku was outside, taking an important call; as such, Yuuto explained to everyone. The people with loud voices, quieted down and people who had stood up, returned back to their seats.

I, once again, came to realize how influential Yuuto’s voice was, towards the classmates.


“I was curious, but why is Ogiwara on good terms with Shinra?”

Inside the store, which had regained its calmness, someone enquired such from Yuuto.
Several people asked “Who?”and when someone explained that it was the person sitting next to Kirasaka, finally everyone seemed to have understood.

“With Minato?”

“That’s right. Kanzaki-san seems to be childhood friends with him. But I was wondering, why you are also together with such guy.”

After adding “That guy is arrogant, right?”, the words stopped there.
It seems that other students also held curiosity regarding it, as the other conversations suddenly disappeared.

Hearing that question, it was not me, but for some reason, Shizuku and Kirasaka, who tried leaping out.
I grabbed the hands of such two people and sat, as it is.

“What are you doing..”

“Well, just wait. It looks interesting.”

I answered the openly displeased Kirasaka, with a grin.
It is not something, you can hear easily.

I wanted to hear, what he thought about me, while interacting usually.
I strained my ears, as to not miss Yuuto’s reply.


1. Another name for gōkon.

2. So, I tried imagining how this will look like. Based on the text and what I know, the chairs probably look this or this, but instead of 4 chairs, I expect just two on the opposite sides.
Now, as for sitting position, originally Minato and Shizuku should be sitting like this (minus the whole yoga thing) side by side, but later Minato probably sat in seiza form. That is my current conjecture. If someone has a better idea, please feel free to pitch in.


18 thoughts on “Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #21 (Reason)

  1. If the author is a shitty bitter oily fat otakuhikineet, Yuuto would answer that he was only getting close to him because of Shizuku, otherwise the author is quite descent
    Thanks for the chapter


  2. Thanks for the chapter~!

    So the possibility that his sister played a role in ensuring his every so slightly skewed perception of the opposite sex is there…


  3. Although the sis & bro -con ness of their relationship is obviously strong, Kaede doesn’t seem to be trying to cut MC off from other girls.
    His denseness seems more a product of the atmosphere of those who surround his idol friends. Heaping praise on them while ignoring MC or even being antagonistic toward him as a hindrance.
    The treatment he has received from the surroundings is why he viewed being in the same class as both of his idol friends would be hell.
    That treatment has given him an inferiority complex as well as some not so deeply buried resentment.
    Thanks for the chapter


  4. Aren’t you the arrogant one, nameless dick asking Yuuto a question? The hell gives you the right to talk about him like that.


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