Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – Side Story #2 (Ren’s Holiday)

The second night, after Golden Week began.
In my, Kirasaka Ren’s house, a maid was busy running in the corridor, back and forth.

“Ojou-sama! How about this one?”

“Ugh… Please make it more refined.”

“Then this one!”

“This shows off the skin too much… Alright, enough. Bring the white dress from earlier.”

With one thing or another, an hour passed. My inner irritation didn’t diminish, since I was not able to decide the dress, I would be wearing tomorrow. 

If one were to speak of the cause, why I was going out tomorrow wearing a dress, it would be because of a certain person… I would be visiting the house of the classmate, I was finally able to talk after entering the second year.

As for the reason, it would be because of the time I went for a study group at his house. Since I had to stay overnight, due to bad weather making it difficult to return home, I want to thank him… or with such pretext, I actually want to take a glimpse of the look of astonishment on his face as he sees my appearance.

He, Shinra Minato, is someone I have wanted to talk with by all means, for the first time in my life.

Since the first time I saw him, I have been waiting forever, for the chance of talking with him.


And then came the day we became second years.
When I saw the class roster list, I noticed his name written a bit lower than mine. At that time, I could feel my heart throbbing.

Thus, I opened the doors of the classroom with a rare sense of nervousness. Within the crowd surrounding two students, I found a guy sitting alone at the window-side seat.
Was that a coincidence… I was fortunate, to be able to have the seat next to him.


I am sure he doesn’t remember, but this was the second time, talking like this.
The first conversation was very short. I am sure, if it now, I would be able to converse normally.

“Hmm… Good morning.”

I tried replying as calmly as possible as to not let my expression show my extreme inner happiness.
Hearing my reply, he looked over here, opening his mouth in amazement. He was not making his usual disinterested face but a very interesting one, of my liking.




I was wearing the dress I chose, last night. While looking at the ever-changing scenery outside from the car, I recalled that day.

“You look very happy, Ojou-sama.”

Someone, who served as a chauffeur since my grandfather’s generation; the butler who had known me since birth, was wearing a smile while looking at me from the rear view mirror.

“Ah? Does it look like that, Ji.”

“Yes, from Ji’s point of view, you look very happy.”

The butler called Ji, was someone whose face looked like it had put in lot of years and was full with wrinkles. He was looking at me like his own granddaughter, with a gaze full of affection.

“Oh well… Recently, I have only been having fun.”

I wonder what will be his reaction, seeing me today?
Will he be surprised? Or will he avert his eyes blushing, due to the dress being a little revealing near navel?
Since it is about him, there is a possibility of no reaction, as well.

For me, I would like to see him blushing since it would a very rare thing to encounter. Surely, I would be able to see a very interesting reaction.

If possible, he might also praise me, wearing this dress.


With such expectations in my heart, I pushed the doorbell of his house.


“Hello, Shinra-kun.”

“Ooh… are you going for a marriage interview after this?”


14 thoughts on “Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – Side Story #2 (Ren’s Holiday)

  1. Oh, salty!. She’s all excited to show him how grown up she is (childish), and here he is wondering why she so inappropriately dressed!. I thing the author should change the title to Extraordinary I Ordinary Them.

    Liked by 12 people

  2. Hmm… At first I thought she was only interested in him as a source of rare amusement, but this piece from her PoV suggests there’s more to it, after all.

    Also, that last line… golden. XD

    Liked by 4 people

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